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Segments For March 9th 2019

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Top News Of The Week

- Carson Won’t Be Back in a Second Trump Term
- Shiller Sees Housing Market Slowing
- New Home Sales Rise in December
- Affordability Still An Obstacle For Millennials This Spring
- California Fire Victims Struggling to Find Housing
- Mortgage Rates Still Below a Year Ago
- NAHB Cites Headwinds For Limited Single-Family Gains This Year
- No Housing Slowdown in Philly
- Austin Takes On Affordable Housing
- Cash-Sale Disclosure Rules Could Expand
- Black Homeownership Rate at Pre-Fair Housing Act Levels
- The 25 Most Affordable Markets
- What Does a Green Home Mean to You?
- ‘Bank of Mom and Dad’ Turns Out to be Powerhouse Lender

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How Long to Keep Documents?

Welcome back, to our special ‘Tax Time!’ All about the taxes you pay – and don’t pay – when you own a home of your own.

And right now? we’re going to talk about an important issue – And that is? How long do you need to keep the documents involved in the purchase, ownership and sale – of your home?

It’s a pretty important subject, IF you want to make sure you always get every deduction that’s available to you. If you toss the wrong documents, you might also be tossing the money-saving deductions they can get! So let’s take a look at that.

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About October 15th

Back again! With our special show ‘Tax Time!” All about you, your home and – all the deductions you can take when you file your income taxes this April.

Unless, or course – you don’t file this April. As in, just letting it slide….for maybe, what….six months?

Yep. It’s true. And, it’s something that many self-employed people know very, very well…..because many people who are self-employed, independent contractors, and basically, have income, but NOT a W-2….many of those people wait until October 15th….to file.

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Segments For March 2nd 2019

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Top News Of The Week

- Builder Confidence Surges in February
- Housing Affordability Remains at Ten-Year Low
- More May Now Qualify for Rural Loans
- First American Chief Economist Does Not Fear a Recession
- Frantic Buyers in NYC, Post-Amazon
- Getting Easier for Buyers in Charleston. SC
- Mortgage Bankers Predict Big Surge in New Home Sales
- Borrowing For a Car Rises as Mortgage Loans Slump
- Charlottesville Likely to Remain Hot in ’19
- Mistrust of Banks Costly to Tens of Thousands After Crisis
- Border Wall Could Cost Thousands Their Property
- Queen Latifah To Finance Affordable Housing in Newark
- Chase Guarantees 21-Day Mortgage Closing
- Florida Bill Would Waive Impact Fees on Affordable Housing
- Wealthy Snowbirds Turn to Luxury Resorts
- Google Says Nest Microphone Was ‘Never Supposed to Be a Secret

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Buying Your Second Home First

Welcome back to our special – ‘Hot Trends.’ All about – what’s happening in American Real Estate in 2019….and you probably know – a LOT is happening. And some of the developments are truly – fascinating. And that’s what we’re going to talk about now.

A new approach to buying real estate, and owning a home of your own. And that approach is? Buying your second home first.

I know – sounds kind of strange – so I’ll say it again – buying your second home – first.

Now here’s what that means.

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Buying when You’re Young

Welcome back to our special ‘Hot Trends!’ All about the new wave happening in real estate – from home design, to strategies for buying and selling.

And we’re going to wrap up today’s show with a quick look at a very hot trend…not completely new, but very hot.

And that is? Buying real estate – when you’re young. And I mean really young – like, when you’re in your 20’s.

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Segments For February 23rd 2019

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Top News Of The Week

- Amazon Effect is Superheating Northern Virginia Market
- CoreLogic Forecasts 2019 Jump in New Home Sales
- Housing Sentiment Rebounding
- Study: Seniors, You’re Making the Housing Shortage Worse
- NAR Offers Proposal to Restructure GSEs
- MBA Economist: Mortgage Rates Likely To Stay Under Five Percent This Year
- More Say It’s Harder to Find a Home to Buy
- Do Builders Have a Social Media Problem?
- Housing Market is ‘Bruised, But Not Broken’
- Delinquencies, Foreclosures Haven’t Been This Low in Almost 20 Years
- Gen Z Needs to Start Saving Up Now For a Home
- Arkansas Senate Passes Housing Affordability Bill
- 24,000 Residential Construction Jobs Added in January
- Where Are Women Buying Homes?
- New Regulations to Make it Easier to Buy Private Flood Insurance
- Equity-Rich Properties Now at Record High

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Keep it Safe!

We’re back again now with our special ‘Snowbirds!’ All about you and making dreams come true… As you leave the winter cold behind and head south… To enjoy the winter months in a beautiful Sunny climate.

Now one thing that many snowbirds deal worth when they head south for the winter, is making sure that their house up North is safe and sound.

After all you can’t just walk out the door lock it up and take off for 6 months. You have to do some planning to make sure that your property is going to be fine… Especially in areas where the winter weather can be severe. So what do you do?

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Revenue from the House up North

Back again, with our special “Snowbirds….” all about heading South for the winter, and leaving the cold, the ice and the snow – far behind.

But we wanted to wrap up this hour of the show with a question.

When you pack up all your things, and make that long drive South…..and you stay there anywhere from three to six months….what happens to the house – you just left?

And most important – can that house generate any income for you….while you’re not in it?

Wouldn’t that be nice? To be able to head South – and while you’re there – receive a nice, steady income from the place up North?

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