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Segments For April 16th 2016

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    Top News Of The Week

    - Bold, Optimistic Prediction From Freddie Mac
    - March Jobs Numbers Signal More New Housing
    - 2016: Boom Year for Home Improvements
    - More Americans Are Moving South. And Here’s Why
    - Solar Panels Equal Higher Home Value
    - Portland Is Hot — No, Not THAT Portland
    - Market Pressures on Both Supply and Demand Sides
    - Aging Boomers’ Memory Loss Is Housing Concern
    - Some Say It’s Going To Be a Crazy Spring Buying Season
    - Where is the Spring the Craziest? Look West
    - Use Your Home’s Star Power
    - Fannie Mae Helps Borrowers Go Greener
    - First-Time Buyers Drive Spring Market in Mid Atlantic
    - Home Prices Continue Upward
    - Rising Sea Level Isn’t Hurting Florida Market – Yet
    - Mortgages No Longer Top Complaint List at CFPB

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    Five Things You Must Do After the House Is Sold

    We’re going to close out by asking what now?

    What’s the buyer gets the keys and the seller hopefully gets a profit check what’s the next step?

    Well I know you’re both going to be really busy because there’s the big job of moving into the new house both the buyer and wherever the seller and it up going.

    But that’s not all there are other things to think about as well and that’s what we’re going to end the show with today. the things you should always do as soon as the closing is done.

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    Ten Things To Bring To The Settlement

    We’re going to wrap up with the checklist of all the things you need to bring to the closing table. We’ll have some things for the buyer, some things for the seller and some things for both of you! Are you ready?

    Here we go!

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    Segments For April 9th 2016

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      Top News Of The Week

      - Home Prices Up Significantly in January
      - All Cash Sales Down in 2015
      - Banks Ready to Push Home Equity Lines Again
      - Nope, Don’t Bother. Not For Sale
      - Weak Loonies Mean More Canadian Sellers
      - Mortgage Bankers Association Envisions Future of Secondary Market
      - Mild Winter Helps Cincinnati-Area Sales
      - The Listings You Can’t Ever See
      - Nationwide 1Q Report Finds Healthy Market
      - Delinquency Rate Lowest in Nearly Nine Years
      - Many Teachers Can’t Afford to Live Where They Work
      - Strong Market in Abilene
      - Wall Street Slump Hitting Hamptons Luxury Market
      - Grandson Pays Off Grandparents’ Mortgage

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      Price isn’t Everything!

      If you’ve ever sold a house, you know that the offer represents the most dramatic moment in the entire transaction.

      The phone rings. It’s your REALTOR®. And they say – “we have an offer!”

      And you say – “how much?”

      It’s just human nature. I was that way every time I sold a house. I wanted to know the price! Whether I was going to make a handsome profit. Whether I’d have enough money to make a huge down payment on my next house. Whether all my hard work getting the place ready for sale – paid off.

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      Get it in Writing

      We’re going to wrap up with one of the most important parts of any real estate transaction. Four words, that will protect you every time, whether you’re the buyer, or the sellers. And those words are?

      Get it – in writing.

      I can’t stress how important that is. No matter which side of the transaction you’re on, everything you agree to, every penny involved in the deal, every date on the calendar and every ‘what-if’ scenario – has to be right there in the contract – in writing.

      I mention this – because if you’ve ever bought or sold a house, you know – there’s a lot of talk. And that’s great. The seller’s side talks about what a wonderful house it is. The buyer’s side talks about changing that bedroom into an office. And all of that’s fine.

      But when the talk turns to substantive issues, that cost time, or money, get it in writing.

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      Segments For April 2nd 2016

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        Top News Of The Week

        - Thousands May See Mortgage Balance Reduction
        - How Healthy Are America’s Home Builders?
        - Don’t Fall For This Dangerous Phishing Game
        - Millennial Homebuyers’ Favorite Cities
        - Hispanic Home Ownership Rebounds
        - Fire Protection Association Convinces Builders to Include Sprinklers
        - Would You Like a Student Loan With Your Mortgage Today?
        - Seattle’s Condominium Market is White Hot
        - Suburbs Become More Popular as City Prices Rise
        - Housing Affordability Takes Big Hit
        - New Home Sales Up in February
        - Most New Homes Are Now in Community Associations
        - Why Do So Many People Still Rent?
        - One City’s Contribution to Affordable Housing
        - San Antonio: Is the Boom Near An End?
        - House OKs Extension of Servicemembers’ Foreclosure Protection

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        Five Ways NOT to Price Your House

        You know, we always say – the most important part of your sales strategy – in any market – is setting the right price. Too Low? You’re giving it away. Too high? The place will just sit there, week after week, month after month.

        Just look at the signs! Other houses will go from ‘for sale’ to ‘under contract,’ or ‘sale pending.’ And finally – sold! While your overpriced house will still have a for sale sign out front – or even worse – the dreaded ‘price reduced!’

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        Pricing Parity

        Should you WAIT – to sell your house?

        I mention this because a lot of people who are thinking about selling say – they’re going to wait. They see prices rising. So, they want their house to become more valuable, before they sell it. It’s always better to sell high, right? Well, usually. But it all depends on what happens AFTER you sell. So let’s talk about that.

        If you sell your house when it’s value is sky high – you could very well end up with a big, big profit! And that, of course, is an excellent result.

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