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Segments For July 18th 2015

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    Top News Of The Week

    - Home Prices Continue Climb
    - Smart Phones Move Homes Fast
    - REALTOR® Confidence High
    - Labor Shortage Hinders New Homes
    - Buying Beats Renting
    - Millennials Prefer Single Family Homes
    - The Future of Chinese Buyers in U.S.
    - Consumers Steamed About Mortgages
    - Stable Markets
    - Older Homeowners Need to Remodel

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    Local Market Conditions

    It’s time to continue our look at the latest facts and figures from across the country as we look at the most recent existing home sales report from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

    This week we’re going to research the existing home sales numbers for information about the condo and co-op market in May.

    Existing Home Sales experienced a big upturn in May on a month to month basis. AND when we look at it from a year to year perspective they were more than 9% ahead of May 2014’s numbers.

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    The Time-Tested Benefits of Shade

    All throughout today’s show we’re looking at all the ways you, your family and your house – can beat the heat. After all, here we are in the height of the summer season – and you might be tempted to just keep turning that thermostat colder and colder. And that’s great – but there might be other ways, too. Ways that can save you money.

    Keeping your home and your family cool on summer’s hottest days can be as old-fashioned as waving a fan or as glorious as jumping into an ice-cold swimming pool, but sometimes something as simple as relaxing in the shade can be the best way to stay cool. And you know something? When you add shade to your home you even lower your air conditioning bills. What could be cooler than that?

    Depending on how your home was designed when it was first built, you may already have a shady porch or corner of your garden with a shade tree that’s the perfect place to settle on a hot summer afternoon. But you can increase the amount of shade in your home with window treatments and landscaping that will make your home more comfortable and keep your cooling bills low.

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    When you think about being cool, you may think about the 50’s. Back in the world of Hepcats and Daddy-os. When squares were nowhere, and riding shotgun was crazy! Yep, the 50’s were cool.

    And around that same time, homes had a certain kind of cool, too. Something you might remember – and we’re talking about awnings. You don’t see them too much these days, but back in the day, awnings were a popular way for homeowners to keep their homes cool: the awnings kept the sun from blasting into the house and heating up the rooms.

    Awnings have been used to stay cool since way before the 1950s. In fact, The National Park Service says that the ancient Egyptians and Syrians used awnings of woven mats in their markets and the Romans used them to provide shade at their stadiums and amphitheatres. Of course, the structure of awnings and the materials used to make them have evolved over time, but the basic idea of providing an overhang for a window or doorway to create shade has stayed the same.

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    Segments For July 11th 2015

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      Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio

      Top News Of The Week

      - More Mortgages
      - Home Prices Rose in April
      - Broadband Required
      - Drought Affecting Landscaping
      - Location Matters
      - All Cash Deals Drop
      - Mortgage Rates May Not Rise As Expected
      - Housing Forecast
      - Millennials, Boomers Love Tiny Houses
      - Rents Still Rising

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      Local Market Conditions

      It’s time to take a look at the latest facts and figures from across the country from THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. This week, NAR released its Pending Home Sales Report for the month of May and once again we have good news for the housing market. Pending Homes Sales, which reflect contract signings but not closings, climbed to their highest level in over 9 years.

      After a strong showing in April, we saw the housing market continue its upward trend in May. Pending Home Sales rose more than 10% on a year to year basis. This is the 9th month in a row, when we have seen year over year gains. And, when we look at the numbers on a month to month basis, we also saw an uptick of almost 1%. And this was a broad based increase as all 4 regions of the country saw an increase in Pending Home Sales year over year.

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      A Rising Tide Lifts

      Looking at everything from small do-it-yourself home improvements to major home renovations. Fixes and Fix-ups – that are proven to make your home worth more money – whether or not you sell.

      And you know, most of the upgrades we’re talking about today are about the house itself…and the things you can do, inside and out, to grow its value. But right now we’re going to change lenses – from a close-up, to a wide angle. And talk about the one, single factor that might improve your home’s value more than anything else. And that is?

      “Location, location, location.”

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      The Ten Ways

      We’ve been hearing some great news lately about property values rising all around the country. In fact, plenty of homeowners are fist-bumping and high-fiving each other to celebrate their rising home equity. Whether you plan to sell your home or not, it’s great to know that your home is worth more money today. You know what’s even better? Taking steps to increase your home’s value even more! We’ve heard great ideas from our guests today and now we’re going to wrap up those ideas in a TOP TEN list to make it easier to decide which tactics and strategies will work best for you.

      So, here we go!

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      Segments For July 4th 2015

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