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Segments For July 16th 2016

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    Top News Of The Week

    - Bullish on Brexit
    - On-Time Mortgage Payments Rise
    - Sweeping Changes to Distressed Notes Sales
    - Snoring Spouses Get Their Own Room to ZZZZZ
    - NAR Makes the Case in Senate for Flood Insurance
    - Home Prices Up; Trend Points to Even Higher Numbers
    - Low Rates, Brexit Inspire Refinance Boom
    - Jumbo Mortgages Now Cheaper Than Smaller Loans
    - The Upside, Downside of a Home in a Gated Community
    - VA Production Up in First Quarter, Led By Refis
    - Burst of Homes Coming on Market in Denver
    - New Ohio Anti-Zombie Law
    - Turn Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Into Insurance Companies
    - Keller Williams Donates to West Virginia Flood Victims

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    Five Real Estate Myths

    We’re going to say a few words about myths – real estate myths. Things some people swear are true – but aren’t.

    Fact is – that happens all the time in real estate. People get hold of bad or dated information….and they just don’t let go.

    And the goal of all this – is to make sure you know exactly what’s what – in today’s market.

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    Why ‘Where We Stand’ Matters

    No matter who you are, or how many hours you’ve bought, or how many you own right now, you always need – current information, to help guide your decisions.

    This change fast in today’s world…and as we mentioned earlier in the show, sometimes you just don’t get the memo.

    When I was a kid, there was a movie called ‘The Sheik of Araby.’ So I grew up using the word Sheikh. Until it became ‘Shake.’ And remember Peking, China? It became Beijing – I didn’t know…for many years.

    And in real estate, I grew up learning that if you sell one house for a profit – you have to buy another one w/i a year and a half – to avoid paying taxes on your profit.

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    Segments For July 9th 2016

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      Top News Of The Week

      - How Brexit Vote Helps U.S. Luxury Market
      - Home Prices Hit New Highs in Key Markets
      - RealtyTrac Sees Slight Improvement in Affordability
      - Cash Sales Fall in March
      - Orange County Prices Back to 2006 Levels – With a Difference
      - Real Estate Jitters Precede Power Plant Closing
      - Hot, Hot, Hot June Home Sales
      - Where Americans Cut Back, to Afford Their Housing
      - Will Brexit Boost U.S. Refis?
      - The Number That One Economist Says is Key to a Healthy Housing Market
      - CFPB Uses New Tactic to Prove Discrimination Case
      - FSOC Presses For Housing Finance Reform
      - Has 3% Down Become the New Normal?
      - Senate Weighs Fate of Zombie Foreclosures

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      Beyond Brexit – Handling Your Home Loan

      So what do you think? If a refi right for you? Well, it might be and it might not be. And sometimes, it’s hard to tell. So to help you figure it out – we have five things to watch if you’re thinking about refinancing your home.

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      Keep Calm and Carry On

      I wanted to talk about a very British approach – that could mean a lot to all of us, in times of change. And especially in times of economic uncertainty.

      It dates back to World War II, when the people of Great Britain was facing the very real possibility that they could be invaded by the Axis.

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      Segments For July 2nd 2016

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        Top News Of The Week

        What the May Home Sales Figures Suggest
        Encouraging New Home Sales Figures For May
        Nationwide Optimistic About Market Strength
        Millions Now Spend Half Their Income on Rent
        Boomerang Buyers Good for Market
        Americans Worry About Affordability
        Rhode Island’s Good News-Bad News
        Drones. Not Just For the Great Outdoors Anymore
        May Foreclosures at Level Not Seen Since Pre-Crisis
        Most Baby Boomers Content Where They Are
        It Pays To Be a Cleveland Cavaliers Fan
        Midwest Metropolis is Booming
        Latest California Home Sales Sluggish
        Low Inventory Adds to First-Time Buyers’ Concerns
        Sales Tactic Generates Panda-monium

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        Will Your Condo Let You Fly The Flag

        Welcome back to “Real Estate Today’s Independence Day Special! We hope you’re having a great three-day weekend!

        Now, this is one of those weekends that many of us will show our love of country, and our patriotism, by flying the American flag. Isn’t that great, when you see so many flags flying on the fourth?

        But…for many people across the land, flying the flag on the fourth of July, or any other time – is flat out against the rules.
        That’s right. Against the rules. So let’s take a look at that…and how flying the American flag just might be a violation – of your Homeowners’ Association, or Condominium rules and regulations.

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