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Segments For October 7th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- GOP Tax Reform Plan Draws Mixed Response
- Florida Homeowners to Shoulder Most Irma Damage Costs
- Case-Shiller Price Index Up 5.9% in July
- NAR Survey Reveals Optimism Among Buyers, Sellers
- Irma’s Effect in Miami Could be Short-Lived
- Coastline Population Continues to Grow, Despite Risks
- Remodeling Pays Big Benefits,Two Ways
- Freddie Mac Looks Ahead to 2018 Housing Market
- Puerto Rico REALTOR®: Maria Damage “Worse Than Anything You’ve Seen On TV”
- Houston Homeowners Push For More Flood Mitigation
- Houston Luxury-Home Market Little Affected by Harvey
- Negative Equity Still a Problem For Some
- Flood Insurance Chief: Do Your Claims Right
- Uptick in Mortgage Fraud Risk in Q2
- Not All Lumber Is The Same: NAHB
- Going Green is Trending Upward

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Team Savings

We’re looking at all the ways to save some cold, hard cash – around the house.

And we wanted to wrap up this hour of today’s show with a great idea – and that is – saving money, by going in on projects big and small – with the neighbors!

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The ‘No-Spend’ Month

We’re back, with our very special program – “The $1000 Show.” Dedicated to helping you save as much money as possible around the house.

And right now we’re going to talk about saving money – by, well, saving money! That’s right – socking it away….so you have a nice little sum in the bank, for maintenance, emergencies, or even a down payment, if you’re thinking about making a move.

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Segments For September 30th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Measuring Harvey’s Impact on Sales, Prices
- Costs, Delays Expected to Rise Under Strain of Hurricane Recovery
- How We’re All Paying for High Student Debt
- New Home Sales Decline Again, Still Ahead of Last Year
- Housing Labor Shortage Amplified by Harvey Impact
- Florida Insurance Claims, Losses Piling Up Fast
- Houston Apartment Demand Soars
- Unfilled Construction Jobs Continue to Hamper Industry
- Goldman Sachs Forecasts Better Odds of Another Fed Rate Hike
- New Rental Community — The Coming Thing?
- Housing Optimism in Texas, Florida
- Twin Cities Housing Market Slowdown Is Actually the Norm
- Driverless Cars Will Help Shape The Home You’ll Buy
- The Green Revolution In Your Living Room

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Certified International Property Specialist – CIPS

We are back with our special going global. All about the fascinating real estate markets across the sea, across the border, or around the world. And the real estate markets right here at home, which foreign investors are flocking to more and more every year.

If you plan on buying a property in a foreign country, I’m sure you know you will have a lot of questions. How to find the best property in a country where it’s safe for foreign residents to own real estate. How to finance the purchase? How to make sure you have the proper insurance. And, how to make sure that you actually hold title to the parcel, considering that in many countries the laws of property ownership are very very different than they are here in the United States.

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Exchange Rates

I’m going to wrap up with an important talk about the money. We’ve mentioned this a few times throughout the show but I want to make sure to underline this point because it’s really important. Now think about when you get a mortgage here in the United States. You lock in right. Right. And during that lock-in. The rate on your mortgage is guaranteed.

Mortgage rates go up during your lock. Well good for you. Because you don’t have to pay that higher rate. Your mortgage is locked in. On the other hand however if mortgage rates drop during that period, Well in most cases you’ll be stuck paying the higher rate. be But most borrowers consider that to be okay because at least it’s what they agreed to in the very beginning. No surprises. People like that.

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Segments For September 23rd 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Hurricanes’ Impact On Construction Labor Shortage
- Most Southern Florida Homes Don’t Meet Today’s Hurricane Codes
- NAR Offers Vigorous Mortgage Interest Deduction Defense
- Housing Starts Slip For Second Straight Month
- Irma Presents Big Challenge to Florida Insurance Market
- Delinquencies Continue to Decline
- Doctors Can Get a Zero-Down Mortgage
- Co-Borrowing Helping More People Into Homes
- Where Do Canadians Buy, When They Buy U.S. Homes?
- More Inventory Could Be Coming
- Lumber Prices in Limbo, Post-Hurricanes
- Staging. It’s Worth Every Penny
- Movement in Miami Market Will Follow Irma
- Could Harvey Make Houston Re-Think Zoning?
- International Monetary Fund Urges Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac Merger
- United Van Lines Study Tags Chicago as Most-Moved-Out City of the Summer

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Hurricane Relief

We are back with our special show, the fall market. An in-depth look at exactly what to expect in the next 3 months if you’re buying or selling real estate anywhere in America.

But of course this fall real estate will be very different in many parts of our country.

Because hundreds of thousands of Americans will spend the next 3 months starting the long process of rebuilding their homes their communities and their lives in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey and hurricane Irma.

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Fall Home Maintenance

We are back with our special show the fall market. Hard to believe that fall begins this coming Friday but it does. And it’s one of the most important times of year to pay close attention to your home, and the maintenance you put into it. So let’s wrap up Today’s Show with a few words about making sure your house is ready for fall and Beyond.

Number one and if you’ve heard this once you’ve heard it a thousand times. Change the filters on your heating and air conditioning system. A clean filter lets the air flow through easily and quickly and efficiently. A dirty filter makes the system work harder and as it works harder to push air through, it’s using more energy, which is costing you more money. So so take a few minutes to just make sure your filters are fresh and clean and new.

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