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Segments For January 7th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Shiller Says ‘Trump Boom’ May Be In the Offing
- Higher Mortgage Rates Are Not Discouraging Buyers
- Millennials Are Living With Mom and Dad in Big Numbers
- Cash Sales Decline Appears to Level Off
- 2016 Was Best Year in a Decade. What About ’17?
- Austin Booms, Affordability Still a Problem
- California Faces a Housing Market Slowdown
- The Garage is Now the ‘Final Frontier’ in Home Renovation
- Schlesinger: Don’t Sweat Higher Mortgage Rates
- Three Fed Rate Hikes in 2017? Don’t Bet On It
- Pre-Election Jitters Affected Real Estate Pros
- The Russians Are Coming!
- Most-Watched REALTOR®.com Videos of 2016
- Homes in Foreclosure at Lowest Level in Nearly a Decade:
- South Florida’s 2017 Outlook a Mixed Bag
- Wages Being Lapped by Home Prices in Indianapolis

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Buyer Resolutions – Part 1

So – here we are in a brand new year! Let me ask you – have you made any resolutions? And – have you already broken any? Well, hope not!

But as we wrap up the first hour of today’s show, we wanted to leave you with a few – New Year’s Resolutions – designed to help you get ready – to buy that home of your own, in 2017. And you never know – they might be even easier – than dropping 5 pounds! So let’s run down the list – half now – and half at the end of our next hour.

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Buyer Resolutions – Part 2

Right now we’re continuing our list – of 2017 New Year’s Resolutions – for Buyers! All the things you really need to commit to – if you’re going to buy a house this year.

Let’s start by recapping the resolutions we talked about earlier….

Number One – I will start saving for the Down Payment.
Number Two – I will fix my credit
Number Three – I will find a Realtor I like
Number Four – I will get pre-approved for a mortgage
And Number Five – I will not go on a spending spree – and possibly sink my mortgage.

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Segments For December 31st 2016

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    Top News Of The Week

    - New Home Sales Up In November
    - Fed Rate Hike Impact on Housing Minimal?
    - Mortgage Lenders Bearish, Post-Election
    - Builder Confidence Is Up, But Then What?
    - Affordability At Eight-Year Low
    - CoreLogic Forecast For Housing Market Growth in 2017
    - Millennials Moving to America’s Heartland
    - The Top Three Reasons People Don’t Get a Mortgage Approval
    - Housing Troubles Loom For Older Americans
    - GSEs Reject Scrooge Role at Holiday Time
    - Real Estate Career is Among Most Fulfilling, Survey Says
    - Future Interest Rates Lighting a Fire Under Many Buyers
    - It’s Taking Longer to Close
    - Single Women Still At Disadvantage

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    Buying with Friends & Family

    We thought we’d leave you with a few thoughts about buying a second home – even if you can’t afford it. How do you do that?

    Well, the same way millions of people do it – they go in, with family. Or friends. They pool their resources. Their savings, their incomes, their DIY skills. And before you know it, you have one nice vacation home – with a whole lot of names on the deed.

    So let’s look at how that works.

    First, the purchase itself. And next – owning it, long-term.

    OK. Say you and some friends agree to buy a vacation home together. You’d basically do it the same way you’d buy any place – you’ll need cash for a down payment and closing costs, and you’ll need a mortgage…unless you want to just buy it outright.

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    Buying with Friends & Family

    So what do you think? Is a second home something you’re thinking about? A vacation getaway, or perhaps a place you rent out?

    Well, as we discussed before, one way to get into a second home with lower up-front costs – is to buy one with friends or family. We talked about buying it in our last hour – and right now, let’s talk about making it work – in the long run.

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    Segments For December 24th 2016

      Top News Of The Week

      - Fed Raises Key Interest Rate, Signals More in 2017
      - Housing Starts Tumble in November
      - Builder Confidence Ends 2016 At Nine-Year High
      - MBA Head Optimistic About Carson at HUD
      - Completed Foreclosures Take Big Tumble in October
      - Redfin Forecasts Fastest Housing Market Ever in 2017
      - Hot Nashville Market Sizzles Even in the Holidays
      - November a Very Good Month in National Capital Region
      - Taking Fannie and Freddie Private Could Have Unplanned Consequences
      - Millennials Lead the Way in Optimism About the Housing Market
      - FHFA Pushes GSEs to Serve Manufactured Housing Market
      - Real Estate Career is Among Most Fulfilling, Survey Says

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      Where Is Smart Home Tech Heading?

      I thought we’d take a look ahead. I mean with so much Smart Home Technology out there – it’s fair to ask where is all this headed?

      Well the fact is, Smart Home Technology is big business…And it’s getting even bigger.

      The website marketsandmarkets reports that in 2015 Smart Home Technology was approximately a 47 billion dollar industry.

      And they also report that by the year 2022 just 6 years from now… the industry will have grown so much, Smart Home Tech will be A 122 billion dollar business.

      As it grows, Smart home Tech is headed in three main directions.

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      Do You Really Need a Smart Home?

      We’re going to wrap up with a question – Do you really need your home – to be a smart home? Or is your home just fine the way it is?

      Let’s take a look at that. And let’s look at some of the smart home devices we talked about today… and whether you really need them.

      Let’s start at your front door. Chances are, right now you have a regular deadbolt. And I would guess it works just fine. Take out the key, unlock it and go right inside. I bet your doorbell works fine too. Someone pushes the it, you hear the chimes, and you go to the front door to see who’s there.

      Okay let’s move inside now.

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