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Segments For April 22nd 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Housing Starts Down as Builder Confidence Slips A Little
- Millennials Are Getting Off The Sidelines — And Urging Their Peers To Do It, Too
- Fannie Mae Finds Confidence Slipped in March
- Vacation Home Sales in ’16 Take Hit From Soaring Prices
- Immigrants Will Be Major Factor in Real Estate, Study Says
- MBA Leader Asks Congress For Regulatory Relief
- Mortgages Are Bigger Than Ever
- Foreclosure Activity Lower Than Pre-Recession in Many Markets
- Homebuyer Preferences Include Backyard, Updated Kitchen
- The Encouraging Message One Expert is Hearing From Washington
- Mortgage Lenders Say They’re Optimistic About 2017
- Court Rules Fair Housing Act Protects LGBT, Too
- More Than Half Are Wrong About Their Insurance
- Washington DC is ‘Gangbusters’ Right Now
- Virtual Reality Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing

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Internal Moves

How to get your family, your pets and your stuff out of the old house and into the new without losing your sanity….or breaking your back.

And that what we’re going to talk about now….how to avoid breaking your back.

Because you might not know this – but you can hire a moving company – even if you’re not moving. Did you know that?

Well, not many people do. But what I’m talking about is what they call an ‘Internal move.’ Let’s talk about that now, and how it can help you, your family and your possessions – stay safe.

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Don’t Move Junk!

we’re going to wrap up with one last word about what the movers will actually put on the truck….and bring from your old house to the new one.

So – sure. They’ll carefully pack up your brand new, 4K flat screen TV….and make sure it arrives in perfect shape. Good.

But – what about that old TV in the guest bedroom? Or in the basement?You know – the one you bought in 2002, 15 years ago? The one that weighs 400 pounds, and is neither a flat screen, nor digital, nor High-definition.

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Segments For April 15th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Carson Seeks to Reassure Advocates on Housing Funding
- February Home Price Increases Rebound
- NAHB Appeals to Congress to Ease Regulatory Burden
- No Millennials Allowed: Boomers Are Flocking to Cool 55-Plus Communities
- Today’s Real Estate Market Tough for Many Buyers
- One County in Every Four is Now Less Affordable
- Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s Rent
- Latest Model Home Design Trends
- Construction Employment Not Growing Fast Enough
- More Accurate Estimate of Asian-American Homeownership
- Homeowners Pulling Cash Out Again
- Why Smaller Homes Are Gaining Value Faster Than Bigger Ones
- Bright 2017 Outlook in St. Louis
- The Mini Man Cave: Yes, It’s Now a Thing

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Two at Once?

As you know, whether you call it the closing, the settlement or escrow, it all means the same thing – it’s the moment the property moves from the seller to the buyer. Very exciting.

But if you’re up for it, right now we’re going to talk about settlements on steroids – twice as complicated, twice as important, and twice as stressful, as a normal settlement.

And I’m talking about all those people, who sell one house, and buy another – all in one day.

That’s right – one day!

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Getting the Mail!

Even after it’s all done…there’s one last thing that connects the buyer and seller – something that’s not always pleasant.

The mail!

Say you just bought a house….BUT the former owner still gets lots of mail, every single day!

Or if I sell a house….but I never get ANY of the mail addressed to my old place forwarded to me. Nothing!

OK, I know. In today’s digital world, some people never get any mail. But most of us do. Whether it’s a bank statement or a refund check or a magazine subscription. So when the house changes hands – what happens?

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Segments For April 8th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Stronger Economy Good for Housing Market
- Home Prices Up 5.9%, Hit 31-Month High
- Industry Leaders Say GSE Dividends Should Be Suspended
- Twin Master Suites for the Snoring Couple
- The Return of The Mortgage-Backed Securities
- Second Straight Rise in Hispanic Homeownership
- Automation is Great, But Buyers Want the Human Touch
- KB Home CEO Acknowledges New Homes Shortage
- Housing ‘Drought’ is Worst It’s Ever Been
- Why Mortgage Lenders Are So Upbeat
- The Sprawling Green Front Lawn Is Endangered
- Housing is Holding Back The Economy, Study Says
- Next Five Years Could See Millennial Homebuying Surge

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Buyer Strategies

We’re going to talk to you buyers out there – about how you can write an offer they can’t refuse – even if you have competition for the house.

OK first up – you have to be pre-approved for the mortgage before you even start looking at houses. Because if you and your REALTOR® find the perfect place, and want to write an offer on it – that is NOT the time to start the pre-approval process. Have that all done – before your REALTOR® opens up the first door.

Next – Once you find a home that you just LOVE, and that you can afford, talk to your REALTOR® about what should go in the contract.

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Seller Strategies

We’re going to talk to all you folks who will be selling your house this Spring. Exciting, isn’t it? I mean, buying a house is great….but when you do that, you’re paying money. When you sell – you’re making money….maybe a LOT of money! At least that’s the plan. So let’s talk about what to do when you get one, or maybe 20 offers – on your house!

It is such a great moment – when your REALTOR® calls and says – ‘we have an offer!’ Now, if you are a certified human being, ha, your first question will be – how much? What price did the buyer come up with?

And yes, that is huge, But – it’s not everything.

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