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Segments For May 14th 2016

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    Top News Of The Week

    - Gallup: Americans Say Real Estate is Best Investment
    - Landing a (Relative) Bargain on a Luxury Vacation Home
    - Millennials Have Their Own Backyard Requests
    - HUD Warns Landlords On Use of Renter Background Checks
    - California Dominates Top 20 Hottest Markets in April
    - Northwest Wisconsin is Booming
    - Texas Home Sales Soar, Inventory Drops
    - Survey Answers: Why Do Americans Buy Homes?
    - Millennials in Better Position Than Many of Them Think
    - Homebuyers Increasingly Upbeat About the Buying Experience
    - Home Values and Proximity to Subway Stations in Washington, DC
    - Gen X Makes Gains in Homeownership
    - Optimism About U.S. Housing Market is Surging
    - Freddie Concerned About ‘Underwater’ of a Different Kind
    - All-Cash Discounts?
    - Oregon Town Takes Unusual Step to Fight Blight

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    Don’t Lose that Money!

    We’re going to close out today’s show with a careful examination of all the ways you could put your money – at risk, if you go so fast you stop being careful.

    If you’re a seller, one of the fastest ways you can unload that house is? Pricing it below market. You will get an offer quickly – maybe multiple offers! But – in that case is the speed really worth it? I mean, sure – you can move on right away, to your next destination. And that’s worth something.

    But talk to your REALTOR® about all that. I bet they’ll tell you that even though a house priced below the market will sell fast – so will a house that correctly priced. Price it right – using your REALTOR®’s comparable sales data, and their careful market analysis, and you’ll probably sell just as fast, as you would at a bargain price.

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    Getting your Docs in a Row!

    Right now we’re going to talk about refinancing your home. have you ever refinance your house? If you have you know it’s always a lot faster than buying a house, anyway. I mean after all there’s only one side of the transaction. you’re the homeowner there’s no buyer there’s no seller! it’s just you and the lender.

    but if you talk to any 10 people who refinance their home chances are you’ll get to 10 different stories about how it went.

    For some people a refi goes really fast and really smoothly.

    For others it seems to take forever and everyday seems to bring another hassle.

    So what makes the difference between fast and easy and slow and difficult?

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    Segments For May 7th 2016

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      Top News Of The Week

      - America’s Homebuilders Are Ready to Build
      - Paint Exec Bullish. Thanks to the Housing Market
      - Closings Happening Faster Now
      - U.S. House Advances Flood Insurance Measure
      - Boston Mayor Behind Property Tax Hike for Affordable Housing
      - Homeowners Insurance May Cover Your Yard Damage
      - We’re in a ‘Normal’ Market: Berkshire Hathaway Exec
      - CFPB To Act On Industry Concerns Over TRID
      - Survey Shows How Home Buyers Regard Good Credit
      - From Church to Condo
      - What Projects Were Most Profitable For Texas Homeowners
      - What Would YOU Do To Get That Home?

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      In Praise of Fireflies

      One of the most wonderful, joyful, and even – magical parts of the American home, in the warmer months of the year…something that makes every child want to run outside, and something that wakens the child in all of us – no matter what age we are.

      And I’m talking about – fireflies.

      Is that what you call them? Or do you call them lightning bugs?

      Either way, what is more amazing for children…that to run around outside on a warm night, as the fireflies start lighting up? It’s one of the most amazing parts of the warm weather nights…and so often, the discoveries, the joys and the magic – happen at home. Some of our fondest memories as a child, may well be catching fireflies in a jar – and watching it light up again and again. By the way, apparently that’s OK to do…as long as you punch some holes in the lid, then let ‘em go before too long.

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      A Little Piece – of the Great Outdoors!

      Some of the nation’s top REALTORS® have told us that making the outside of the house just as beautiful as the inside, helps grow the value of your property. Two properties side-by-side…one with a great yard, one without. The former will sell faster and for more money, every time. It just makes sense.

      And as we leave you today, we wanted to give you a few ideas about how to go beyond just – yard work. And go all the way to yard staging.

      How do you stage – the yard? Well, if it sounds like something you don’t know how to do – think again. Many of us already do it, without giving it a second thought.

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      Segments For April 30th 2016

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        New Hampshire Home

        Top News Of The Week

        - Construction Employment Growing — WIll More New Houses Follow?
        - Homeowners, Buyers Increasingly Optimistic
        - Foreclosure Activity Drops to Pre-Recession Levels in Many Markets
        - Lawmakers Press For More Oversight of Nonbank Mortgage Servicers
        - It’s A Changing Miami Market
        - San Francisco Home Prices Just Did WHAT?
        - Home Sales Surge in New York Suburbs
        - D.C. Landlords Could be Banned From Asking About Criminal Record
        - New Home Sales Dip in March
        - The Fed May Have Backed Itself Into a Corner
        - Fannie Mae: First Time Buyers Will Spur Organic Market
        - Call to Probe FHFA, Fannie, Freddie
        - Why Aren’t More People Selling Their Homes?
        - California’s Becoming Tougher For Investors
        - Millennials on the Move, Just Not Ready to Buy Yet
        - Why You Need to Know What Your HOA Thinks of Marijuana

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        Before you Personalize that Yard – Wait a Year!

        Right now we’re going to talk about the one part of a new home that the experts say – you should not change right away. In fact they say leave it alone for at least the first year. And that is? The yard.

        Specifically, we’re talking about moving into older homes with established landscaping and gardens. When you buy a house like that, chances are the previous owners previously planted a whole variety of flowers, shrubs and trees all over the property. If it’s a really old house some of that gardening activity could date back a hundred years.

        But when you move in, you can’t see everything that’s been planted. Instead you just see how the house looks now and what it looked like in the month or two since you first saw, it when you went house hunting.

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        A House with a Den

        We’d like to leave you with a few thoughts about a certain room in the house. A room that not many people talk about any more. A room that may be falling out of style, as time passes. That soon may be as rare as the parlor, or the butler’s pantry. I hope not, though, because there’s just something wonderful about – the den.

        Fact is, some of our younger listeners might have – never seen – a den. So for them, here’s what they are.

        The den is a small room. Maybe 12 by 12 or smaller, usually located on the main floor of the house. You’ll usually find a comfy sofa and maybe an easy chair in the den…perhaps a TV or a bookcase, and nice soft lighting. Now, because of its size, you’ll only find two or three people in the den at any given time. It’s just too small for a big crowd.

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