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Segments For August 20th 2016

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    Top News Of The Week

    - Homes Near Good Schools Are Worth More Money
    - Election Presents Potential ‘Pivot” Moment for Housing
    - Is The Basement Disappearing?
    - Pokemon Go is Really, Well, Going
    - Millennials, Mortgages Driving Credit Union Growth
    - Have Your Own Robot Run Your Smart Home
    - What Baby Boomer Buyers Look For In a New Home
    - Obama Presidential Library Could Boost One Chicago Neighborhood
    - Builders Remain Confident About 55+ Market
    - Foreclosure Inventory Continues to Shrink
    - Confronting the ‘B’ Word — Bubble
    - Baby Boomers Eager to Become Landlords
    - San Jose is America’s Most Expensive City
    - Luxury Housing Markets Boosted by Jobs
    - Millennials Plan Entry Into Housing Market Deliberately
    - America’s Slow-Motion Boomerang

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    First Time Seller Mistakes

    Selling is a much bigger deal than BUYING your first house – because this transaction comes with the potential of making money….possibly a LOT of money. So you want to do it right.

    With that in mind, let’s look at five mistakes first time sellers often make…and how to avoid them!

    Mistake number one: Making every issue a deal killer. Now sure, this is a big transaction, and your first sale. People are probably telling you that you only have one chance to get what’s coming to you, because once you sign the contract? All negotiations end. Well, that might be true, but if you dig in on every single issue – it’s going to be a rough road, and you could just scare the buyers away! So try to prioritize…what’s really important, like the price, or the settlement date. And what’s not! Like – the curtains – or the gas grill.

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    Always Buy, Never Sell

    We’re going to leave you now with an idea for all you first time sellers out there…and it’s also something any seller might think about….It’s an idea that may even sound revolutionary … and that idea is?

    Always buy real estate, but never sell it. Ever heard that?

    It’s an interesting concept. But right from the start we should tell you that only the very best ‘savers’ will be able to do it. Because the idea is – instead of just using the equity on one house to buy your next one – you keep the first house. And save, save, save to buy the next one.

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    Segments For August 13th 2016

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      Top News Of The Week

      - Cash Sales Lag in 2016
      - Home Depot CEO Encouraged by Housing Environment
      - Four Out of Five Believe Owning a Home is a Good Investment
      - The Townhome’s Comeback
      - Freddie Mac Shows Substantial Profit in 2Q
      - Solid First-Half Numbers in Philadelphia
      - Grand Rapids Sees Unprecedented Hot Market
      - REALTORS® Fighting Proposed Ban on Roadside Signs in DC Suburbs
      - Home Prices Inch Closer to 2006 Peak
      - NAR-Backed Condo Legislation Now The Law
      - Teardowns Rise as Preservationists Fret
      - Ten Best Cities For Seniors
      - New Jersey Millennials Delay Home Ownership
      - The Miami Boom Is Over — Or Is It?
      - USPTO Says Only REALTORS® Can be Called REALTORS®

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      Five First Time Buyer Mistakes

      We’re going to wrap up with a quick checklist – five mistakes every first time homebuyer should avoid!

      1.) Don’t start looking before you know how much you can afford. This is one of the most common mistakes first time home buyers make. before you have any ideas how much house you can afford to buy, you start looking every single open how you come across every single weekend. Not a good idea… because you could get all excited about this beautiful house you’ve just seen…. only to find out it’s so expensive you just can’t buy it. That is a heartbreak just waiting to happen. so it’s better just find out exactly what you can afford and then look in that price range.

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      First Time Buyer’s Timeline

      We’re going to wrap up today’s show with a special timeline – just for you – if you will soon be – a first time homebuyer.

      Chances are if you were thinking about buying a house you’re already searching online. and that’s great. you can do that anytime. So search away and have fun.

      But there’s some other work you’ll have to do as well….And some of it starts way in advance.

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      Segments For August 6th 2016

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        REALTOR® University

        Top News Of The Week

        - HUD Investigating Down Payment Assistance Practice
        - Boomers Still Crazy (For Home Ownership) After All These Years
        - It Pays to Pay More Than the Minimum
        - Americans Spend Big on Remodeling
        - June Most Competitive Month Since 2009
        - The Miami Boom Is Over — Or Is It?
        - Kentucky Horse Capital is Booming
        - Where Are Homeowners Happiest?
        - Anti-Money Laundering Effort Being Expanded
        - Foreign Buyers Face New Tax on Homes in Vancouver, BC
        - Home Price Appreciation Slows in May
        - Home Ownership Rate Lowest Since 1965
        - Foreclosure Starts Rise in June, But Still at 16-Year Low
        - Strong June in Greater Boston
        - Phoenix Startup Has New Way to Tour Homes
        - Using a Drone is Getting a Lot Easier

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        Americans Buying Abroad

        You know, buying a home overseas, or over the border is one of those things that many people here in America dream about. It’s just such an over-the top, romantic notion – the very idea of buying a vacation home, a retirement home or even an investment property – in another country.

        But for a lot of Americans, it’s not a dream…it’s a reality. Because they did it!

        And if you’d like to join their ranks, by buying that condo in the heart of London, that ranch way out in the Australian Outback, or even a fishing lodge in British Columbia, well, you can. So let’s take a few moments now to talk about – how to make that happen.

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        Buying in the USA

        We’d like to wrap up with a few words for people who are not from America – but who want to buy real estate here. Of course, you’re not alone….plenty of international buyers head straight for the USA when they’re looking for property.

        And even though Real Estate Today is an American radio show – broadcast only on radio stations here in the US – we’re online too….and we have quite a few international listeners, who tune in to hear what’s going on, in the US real estate markets.

        So for you – a few words about doing real estate here in the US – the right way!

        First – make sure you use a REALTOR® here in America. Not just a real estate agent – but a REALTOR®…that is, a member of THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. They represent the highest level of professionalism, expertise and education – and they abide by a strict code of ethics – to make sure everyone in the transaction is dealt with fairly.

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