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Segments For May 23rd 2015

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    Top News Of The Week

    - Inventory Slows Housing
    - Fannie Accused of Discrimination
    - Almost All Millennials Expect to Own a Home
    - Home Prices on Rapid Rise in Many Areas
    - Foreclosures Continue Downward
    - CFPB Sues Nationwide Biweekly
    - Boomerang Buyers
    - Recovery Driven By Homeowners
    - Green Building on the Rise
    - Home Loans Up in Q1

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    Local Market Conditions

    It’s time to take a look at the latest real estate information from across the country. Today, we’ll be looking at the latest report released this week by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, detailing Existing Home Sales for the month of April.

    In April, home sales slipped a bit compared to the month before. Existing home sales decreased to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of a little more than FIVE MILLION homes. BUT, April marked the SEVENTH consecutive month of year over year gains in existing home sales.

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    Options for Military Households

    So we thought we’d take a look at how real estate is different – and how it’s similar – for members of the military, and for those of us who are civilians.

    Of course, like all of us, members of the military need a place to live. And also, like all of us, that place can be different, depending on whether they’re single, or married or if they have kids.
    But UN-like the rest of us, members of the military – and their families – have to be ready to pack up and go – fast – when their orders come in. It’s just part of the drill.

    So with that in mind – you might think that most members of the military – and their families – travel light. Maybe they stay in the barracks, or other base housing. Or maybe they just rent a place, so they can get up and go – quickly.

    But the fact is – more and more members of the military do something completely opposite of that. Many of them – buy houses. Yep. They buy homes near the base. Homes of their own, with a mortgage, utility bills, maintenance – all of it.

    Just like the rest of us.

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    Thank You for Fighting for Our Home

    The Memorial Day weekend is often a fun-filled time when families and friends get together for parades and barbecues. A time when swimming pools open for the season. And of course, it’s the unofficial start – to summertime!

    But as we all know, the real purpose of this holiday is to honor our fallen warriors. Those who paid the ultimate price, defending America.

    It is also, as the former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis put it, “…a time when we should reflect on what we…are doing to support our active duty veterans who hope to one day successfully complete their missions and come home safely.” She continues – “… These veterans are also seeking a piece of the “American Dream” — to own a home, have a good job, and receive a good wage from jobs created for them by a grateful nation.”

    And as we we wrap up today’s program, we want to echo Secretary Solis’ remarks. And just say – thank you.

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    Segments For May 16th 2015

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      Freddie Mac

      Top News Of The Week

      - Majority of Metro Areas Experiencing Widening Inequality
      - Millennials Want to Own Homes
      - Home Values Heating Up
      - Buffet Boosts Neighbor’s Selling Price
      - Investors Bet on Suburbs
      - Rental Rates Ruin Family Budgets
      - Big Banks Back Away from Mortgage Lending
      - Bidding Wars Abound
      - Millions are Credit Invisible
      - More Single Family Rentals Expected

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      Local Market Conditions

      It’s time to take look at the latest real estate facts and figures from across the country.

      This week we’re going to go further into the most recent Existing Home Sales report from THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, concentrating on March sales of existing homes by price category.

      March showed extraordinary gains in existing home sales overall on a month to month basis.

      And the Pending Home Sales Report, which looks ahead to future home sales, told a similar story. Pending Home Sales surged ahead to their highest level since June 2013.

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      Old Rules vs. New Rules

      Even if you’re very experienced in real estate transactions, look out! Because the New Rules we’re talking about on today’s show are quickly changing the ways we buy and sell homes.

      Just think about this: back when your parents and grandparents bought homes 50 years ago, there weren’t many rules at all. No such thing as buyer agency. No such thing as a Good Faith Estimate. Not even a Fair Housing Act to protect buyers and sellers from discrimination.

      Things have changed. And we don’t mean a little – no, things have changed a lot! And the bottom line is, you, your family and your money are safer, more protected and more secure – in every real estate transaction you do now, in 2015…than you ever were 50 years ago, back in 1965.

      Think we’re kidding? Let’s take a look.

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      The New Rules Checklist

      Are you ready for them? Hope so, because the rules for getting a mortgage, the rules for how your credit score gets calculated, and the rules for how much money you have to put down are changing fast! And they’re affecting the way over 5,000,000 homes are bought and sold every year.

      So we’re going to wrap up today’s show with a summary of everything we’ve talked about today. A “NEW RULES” checklist, to help YOU get ready for every one of them.

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      Segments For May 9th 2015

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