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Segments For November 26th 2016

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    Top News Of The Week

    - Construction Up in October in Largest Gain Since 1982
    - Yellen Signals Imminent Rate Hike
    - Single-Family Home Size Starts to Shrink Again
    - Millennial Vets Drive VA Program to New Record
    - Millennials Emerging as Serious Players in Indianapolis Housing Market
    - Portland Prices Keep Going Up, Despite Market Cooling
    - New England is America’s Deck Champ
    - Modern vs Contemporary — Why Choosing the Right Word is Important
    - Quicken CEO: Temper Your Enthusiasm. And Your Fear
    - Facebook Ends ‘Ethnic Affinity’ Marketing in Housing Ads
    - Foreclosure Activity Spikes in October
    - ‘Happy Buyers Remorse’ a Factor in Many Mortgage Lender Decisions
    - Delinquencies Not This Low Since 2006
    - Trump Presidency Could Boost D.C.’s High-End Market
    - Thank a REALTOR® For Your ‘I Voted’ Sticker

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    How much is Your Home Really Worth?

    Of course before you can really know how much value you have added to your place – you have to know how much it’s worth in the first place. Sounds easy – but it’s not. Because there are so many ways to calculate a home’s value!

    Let’s start with the – shall we say – less accurate measurements? And let’s get more precise as we move down the list.

    The most inaccurate way to measure what your house is worth could be called the neighbor technique. You’re out mowing the lawn and a neighbor drops by, admiring your house. ‘Hey man, I bet you could get a million bucks for that place.’ And even if he’s way off….and MUCH higher than the real value….you’d be amazed how often that number sticks. And you think – “he’s right! That’s what I should sell for.”

    Ummm…no. That won’t work. The market decides your value – not the guy across the street.

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    The Passage of Time

    If you’ve owned homes in the past, you’ve probably already experienced this tried and true technique. It’s easy, it’s effective – but it’s not quick. Because I’m talking about the passage of time.

    Letting the years roll. Staying in the house, for a long time.

    It’s a technique that works to increase the value of your home, in several ways.

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    Segments For November 19th 2016

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      Top News Of The Week

      - Millions May Once Again Qualify Soon for a Mortgage
      - 2017 Mortgage Purchase Originations May Be Highest Since 2007
      - America’s Optimism About Economy Wanes
      - Freddie May Kill Traditional Appraisals
      - 55+ Market Continues Strong
      - Study Real Estate Pros Refer Clients to Certain Lenders
      - Many Want to Sell. They Just Don’t Know When
      - Distressed Sales Lowest In Nine Years
      - Mortgage Credit Ticks Up in October
      - SoCal City is First to Adopt Zero Net Energy Rule
      - Supreme Court Poised to Uphold Miami Lawsuits Against Lenders
      - Tech is Nice, But Millennials Say a REALTOR® is Essential

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      Giving Thanks – Homeowners

      This Thursday, millions of Americans will open their homes to family and friends, as we celebrate that uniquely American holiday – of Thanksgiving. When we gather ‘round the table, and talk about about all the wonderful things in our lives – we can be thankful for.

      Of course there’s your family, your friends, your health – and there’s home. The roof over your head. Your own home sweet home.

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      Giving Thanks

      Of course, Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday. And on that day, many Americans will pause – and express their thanks, for all the wonderful things in their lives. And of course, they’ll include family, friends and – home.

      So let’s take a few moments right now to talk about all the things buyers, sellers and homeowners can be thankful for – this holiday season.

      Starting with buyers.

      Sure – it’s tough market. Not many homes to choose from, intense competition, rising prices…it’s not easy! In many markets, buyers find that if they see a house, and sleep on it – it’s gone by the next morning! And unless you act fast – you might never get a house! Again – that’s one tough market!

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      Segments For November 12th 2016

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        Top News Of The Week

        - MBA Chairman’s Hopes For New President, Congress
        - Treasury Officials: Affordability Must Be Central to Housing Reform
        - Wells Fargo Settles Over Homeowner Fees
        - Home Equity Wealth Doubles in Five Years
        - First-Timers Rebound in Latest NAR Survey
        - New Lockboxes Offer Convenience, May Sacrifice Security
        - The Rise of ‘Shadow Banks’ in Mortgage Lending
        - Is your kitchen big enough?
        - Fed Says No Rate Hike Now, But Maybe in December
        - Austin Tops PWC Emerging Trends List
        - TRID Remains a Challenge for REALTORS®
        - MBA President Makes Case for Housing ‘Reset’
        - Top Brokers Discuss Miami’s Slowdown
        - Fannie Mae Expands HomeReady to Refis
        - HUD Proposes New Floodplain Rules
        - The Meth Lab in My Neighborhood

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        What it Means to Sellers

        We’ve heard a lot of solid discussion from real estate pros, economists and others – about the impact low inventory is having on the market. So right now, let’s do a quick recap of what low inventory means to sellers, and homeowners….we’ll look at buyers.

        So – if you own a home, or if you’re planning on selling your home – low inventory is good news for you. The reason is, with lots of demand for homes – and not enough supply – prices just keep going up! THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® says that in the past year alone, median prices have risen more than 5 percent…and that follows the year before when they were up….nearly seven.

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        Buying in a Low Inventory Market

        And we’re back, with our special show “Inventory,’ taking an in-depth look at what it’s like to buy, sell or own real estate – when there aren’t enough homes for all the buyers out there.

        And we’re going to wrap up today’s show with a look at how buyers can make it happen – when they’re in a competitive situation. On today’s show we’ve heard solid advice from real estate pros, about how some buyers make it – while other don’t. So let’s look at what they had to say.

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