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Segments For October 15th 2016

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    Top News Of The Week

    - Hottest Fall in a Decade?
    - Quicken CEO: Fed Rate Hike Decision Irrelevant to Mortgage Rates
    - Investors Bullish on Real Estate
    - Builders Put Out Welcome Mat for Millennials
    - San Francisco Prices Defy Gravity, Says Redfin Boss
    - Artificial Intelligence Will Let Realtors Master Multitasking
    - How a Broadway Play May Help Sell a Pricey New York Home
    - Construction Spending Dips Again in August
    - Castro Downplays Notion of Another Subprime-Induced Bubble
    - New Mortgage Underwriting Software Digs Deeper Into Your Credit History
    - Early Forecasts for 2017 Optimistic
    - New Homes Have Bathrooms Aplenty
    - Legal Weed Could Mean a New High For Bay Area Prices
    - Austin’s Homes Are Texas’s Most Expensive
    - Election May Not Be a Bump for D.C. Housing Market
    - Life Expectancy Depends on Where You Live

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    The Online Search

    We’re going to wrap up this hour of the show with a look at one of those tools – and it might be one of the most powerful tools ever – in the entire real estate industry.

    And it’s right there, in the palm of your hand.

    I’m talking about the app, for your smartphone.

    If you haven’t seen it in a while, you might want to check it out – because in the past few years, it’s gotten a whole lot better. And you won’t believe the things it can do.

    OK, today’s app has three main components….

    - The Real Estate app
    - The Rentals app
    And the newest entry – The Doorswipes app.

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    What a Difference the ‘net Makes!

    Right now I’d like to talk to younger home buyers and younger Realtors – to tell you just how much change has really happened! If you’re older, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about- but I’ll try to make it fun for you too.

    OK. I started out in 1977. Working in a commercial real estate firm in Baltimore. We would find apartment buildings for our clients to but. Then we’d fill ‘em up with tenants, manage the places, and send them their net profit every month.

    And all the information – about all of that – was either on paper, or in our heads.

    No internet. No database. Just people working with people. My broker was an amazing woman. She worked so hard for her clients, every day – filling vacancies, getting repairs, painting and flooring done….and she also worked hard for those hundreds of renters….leases, keys, security deposits and more.

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    Segments For October 8th 2016

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      Top News Of The Week

      - Home Price Gains Continue in July
      - White House Encourages Steps Toward More Affordable Housing
      - New HUD Guidelines Protect Non-English-Speaking Buyers
      - Outdoor Remodeling Projects Bring Happiness Now, Dollars Later:
      - Signs of Cooling in Bay Area Market
      - Millennials Drive America’s Hottest ZIP Codes
      - Higher Interest Rates Would Help, Says One Expert
      - HUD Proposal on FHA Condo Financing Falls Short
      - Nearly One in Four U.S. Counties Now Less Affordable
      - Are You Stuck in Your Starter Home?
      - How Buying in Fall or Winter Could Save You Thousands
      - Buyers Finding a Tough Go In Hawaii
      - Sitting on the Refinance Sidelines
      - Demand Down, Prices Up in Metro Atlanta

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      The Housing Development Toolkit

      We’re going to leave you with a few words about – solutions. Solutions to one of the toughest, and most daunting problems facing real estate from coast to coast.

      A problem we talk about on the show – a lot. And the problem is?

      There just aren’t enough houses for sale – to meet demand.

      It’s true. And it’s creating real problems. Because as the economy keeps getting better, and more and more jobs are created – there aren’t enough homes, for those people to buy.

      Now sure. Tight inventory does have its upside. Because More demand,m and less supply drives up prices. That’s good if you own a house. Good if you’re selling a house.

      But for everyone else – it’s bad.

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      400 Shows and Counting

      As I mentioned earlier, this is also our 400th show. The 400th edition of Real Estate Today. And I wanted to take a moment to thank you for listening to the show…and to give you a little intel on how, and why we do what we do.

      You see, when I was a Realtor, working with buyers and sellers in the Washington, DC area – I realized the best thing I could give my clients – was accurate information. The truth! I worked with very smart people – and they wanted facts. They wanted to know their options…and the pros and cons of every one.

      So. If you wanted to buy a house in a competitive market, I’d sit down with you in Starbucks – and lay out all your options.

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      Segments For October 1st 2016

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        Top News Of The Week

        - August New Home Sales Down Less Than Expected
        - Freddie Mac Pilot Program Aimed at Boosting First Time Buyers
        - Construction Red Tape Hinders Recovery
        - Appraisal Backlog Leading to Longer Closing Times
        - Renovation and Smart Home Tech Go Hand in Hand for Many
        - Seattle Just Got Even Hotter, Thanks to New Vancouver Tax
        - Popular 1870s Home Feature Seeing a Revival
        - Builder Confidence Jumps in September
        - Troubling Lack of Housing Talk in 2016 Campaign
        - Over-50 Population Expected to Balloon by 2050
        - Study: Education Helps Prevent Foreclosure
        - Florida’s Building Boom May Pose a Threat
        - Anchorage Buyers Uncertain
        - Maryland Law Encourages Buyers to Be Less Chatty
        - 2016 Homes Are MUCH Bigger Than They Were in 1916

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        The ‘No-Spend’ Month

        We’re going to talk about saving money – by, well, saving money! That’s right – socking it away….so you have a nice little sum in the bank, for maintenance, emergencies, or even a down payment, if you’re thinking about making a move.

        Now I’m sure we all know the standard advice to saving money. Put it away automatically – using direct deposit…so you never actually even see it. It just goes straight to savings. Right?

        And that’s a great idea. Even better if you put it in an account you can’t get to very easily. As in just just going online and taking out $3000 for a new camera of a new TV. Right? You’re always better off having your savings in an account you can’t just click on. A different bank with zero online access….not convenient, but that way you’ll probably think twice before taking out money.

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        Save More By Partnering Up

        We’re looking at all the ways to save some cold, hard cash – around the house.

        And we wanted to wrap up today’s show with a neighborly idea – and that is – to save money, you don’t have to do it alone! Because you can do it – with neighbors! And the result is – you’ll all save money!

        Maybe even thousands of dollars!

        So if you haven’t gotten around to meeting your neighbors yet, now might be the perfect time!

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