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Segments For June 17th 2017

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FEMA’s safe room site

Top News Of The Week

- HUD’s Carson Stumps For Homeownership Month
- First-Time Buyers Are Growth Drivers: Study
- A Good Time to Sell? Yes, Say More Americans
- Rate This: Yelp Restaurant Reviews Can Boost Home Prices
- Mortgage Bankers Assn Nervous About HUD Budget
- CoreLogic Reports Strong Price Gains Again in April
- First Quarter VA Mortgage Originations Down
- Bidding Wars Become the Norm in Seattle
- Apple (Finally) Joins The Smart Home Crowd
- Boomers and Millennials Fight Over McMansions — Nobody Wants ‘Em
- Rise in ‘Super Commuters’ Linked to Soaring Home Prices
- Barriers to Digital Mortgages
- Lumber Prices Soar, As Builders Worry
- NAHB Economist Foresees ‘Minor’ Impact on Housing Demand From Higher Mortgage Rates
- Charlotte’s Booming 55-Plus Market
- Why Millennials Are Replacing Golf With Walking

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When the Sun Shines

We wanted to talk about weather…as in – really bad weather….and how to get prepared BEFORE the bad weather hits.

Think I’m exaggerating? Well, consider this. More tornadoes happen in the United States than ANY other country. Mostly east of the Rockies. The hardest hit areas, typically, are the Great Plains, Midwest, Mississippi Valley and southern U.S.

And tornadoes can happen at any time of year.

Hurricanes also can be devastating, as we all know. Remember Sandy? Katrina, Hugo? I’m sure you do.

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We’re going to continue our conversation now about being prepared for bad weather as the summer season approaches.

And you know, for some of us, bad weather means a wild thunderstorm, and a few tree limbs down.

But for much of the country, bad weather can be deadly. All the areas that are hit hard by tornadoes know all about it.

And for many families in those areas, there’s really only one way to stay safe…..your very own storm shelter, right there on your own property.

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Segments For June 10th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Carson Highlights HUD Homeownership Forum
- Optimism Abounds Among Buyers, Potential Buyers
- Fed Signals More Regular Interest Rate Hikes To Come
- Millennials Want to Be Homeowners; Meager Savings Stand in the Way
- Millennials’ Preferences Are Contributing to the Housing Shortage
- Twin Cities Sees Healthy Buyer Activity, Despite Low Inventory
- America’s Fastest Growing Cities Tend to Be in the South
- Buffett (Jimmy, Not Warren) Gets In On 55+ Market Rebound
- Black Knight Financial Says Home Affordability ‘Very Good’
- Renovations Fuel Surge in HELOCs
- Many Say The ‘Forever’ Home is No More
- Higher Credit Scores Could Signal Boon For Mortgage Market
- Inventory Crunch in Illinois Doesn’t Dampen Summer Optimism
- How Driverless Cars May Change Housing
- Obama Library Boosts Chicago Neighborhoods
- Siri, Alexa Could Become Part of the MLS Mix

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Keep it or Rent it?

We’re going to take a look at one of the most important questions you can ask, about your second home.

Do we rent it out? Or not?

It’s is a big question. Because what you decide will have a big impact on your money, your taxes, and your lifestyle, at that second home.

Now first of all, yes. Renting it out can bring you income. That can help pay the mortgage. Or, maybe the whole mortgage. So there you are, with your very own vacation home, and other people are paying the monthly mortgage. That’s pretty great.

Having a place at the beach, or in the mountains, or on a lake – or even a condo in the big city….anywhere people would come for a vacation….you’ll probably be able to rent it out, for good money. Talk to your REALTOR® about that – they’ll know the rental market, in the location you’re interested in.

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The RSPS Designation

We’re going to wrap up with a quick talk about something you need to know about – if you’re buying a second home.

Whether that second home is a rental property, a retirement home, or a private getaway just for you – and the family, quite often people discover that second home on their summer vacation. And if that happens to you – you’ll want to talk to a REALTOR® with the expertise and experience to make that second home purchase happen as smoothly as possible. A REALTOR® who has studied to become an RSPS. A Resorts and Second Home Property Specialist.

This is huge – if you’re looking for a second home. Because when you work with a REALTOR® with the RSPS certification, you are working with an expert, who carries the highest level of expertise in every part of the second home buying, and selling process.

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Segments For June 3rd 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Home Prices Show Healthy Gain in March
- FHFA Sees Strong Price Growth Continuing
- New Home Sales Tumble in April
- NAR Sees Strong Home Sales Through 2018
- Where Mortgage Rates Are Going in the Rest of 2017
- How a Smart Home Makes You Money When You Sell
- L.A. County Housing Market Sizzles in April
- Remodeling Varies by Generational Makeup
- Inventory Crunch is Skewing the Traditional Supply-Demand Model
- Fannie Mae Cuts Off Accused Abusers
- June Fed Rate Hike Not a Done Deal
- FHFA Looks To Help Borrowers With Limited English Skills
- Florida Community Now in Flood Zone
- America’s High Risk Markets Identified
- Summer in Austin Will Be Hot
- Built-for-Rent Construction Dips

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What The Market Means To You

We’re going to look at a simple question….one that everybody hears all the time. But even though it’s simple? The answer’s not.

The question is?

“How’s the market?”

Everyone involved in real estate gets that question all the time.

But there’s no one answer. You can’t really say – ‘Oh, the market’s great!’ Or, ‘Well, it’s pretty tough out there.’

Because everyone who’s in real estate is looking at it from their own perspective. And that perspective – provides the answer – when someone asks ‘how’s the market.’

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Buy First? Sell First?

We’re going to take quick look at how to stay out of a hotel.

That’s right. How to stay in your own place – and not be a short-term renter.

I’m taking about home sellers.

Because in today’s market, many homes sell fast. You might put your house on the market, and get an offer the first day! And if you like the offer and take it – you’re heading to the closing table. But – do you already have your next house lined up? Because that could take a lot more time than you think!

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