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Segments For January 30th 2015


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    Habitat for Humanity

    Top News Of The Week

    - Blizzard of 2016 Socks Homeowners on East Coast
    - Robust December New Home Sales
    - Home Prices Rise at Fastest Pace Since July 2014
    - Home Affordability: Still a Challenge
    - House Hunting with Secret Service Supervision
    - Homebuilder Confidence Stalled at Six-Month Low
    - Bank of America Chief Remains Optimistic About Economy
    - Good 2015 Growth Seen in Chicago
    - Actually, Cash is NOT King at Closing Time
    - Blizzard Socks Northeast Homeowners
    - BankUnited Exits Retail Mortgage
    - More Affordable Housing in Boston
    - Wisconsin Sales Boom
    - A Correction in the High-End Luxury Market?
    - VA Loans Hit New Record High in FY 15
    - Older Renters Compete With Millennials
    - Heading Off Potential Deal-Breakers at Closing

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    The Down Payment

    Do you know what the biggest barrier to homeownership is? I bet you do. It’s the down payment.

    Show me a person with a great job, and a great credit score. The best possible candidate for a mortgage, and a house. But – without that down payment, they’ll have no choice – but to rent.

    It’s too bad for them, but it’s actually a good thing overall…because remember, it wasn’t too long ago that someone with zero money – could buy a house with zero down. Closing costs? Ha…just add ‘em into the loan.

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    The Two Best Days

    We wanted to wrap up this hour of the show with a look at a truly wonderful part of home ownership.

    But first – ever heard that old joke about boats? The two best days in the life of a boat owner are the days you buy it…and the day you sell it!

    The joke is, of course, many boat owners can’t wait to get rid of it!

    In a different way, though, you could almost say that about houses too. The day you buy it – well, time to celebrate. The day you sell it? Well, there’s plenty to celebrate then too…and it’s largely because of the wonderful thing called the ‘Capital Gains Exemption.’

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    Segments For January 23rd 2015

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      Top News Of The Week

      - The Government Wants To Know Who’s Paying All-Cash
      - California Home Sales Take Off in December
      - Is The Home Appraiser an Endangered Species?
      - Try Before You Buy?
      - Homebuyers Are Passing Up New Mortgage-Shopping Tool
      - Houston Still Hurting From Falling Oil
      - Canadians Look to Cash Out of U.S. Properties
      - Foreclosure Filings At Nine-Year Low
      - Iowa Helps First Timers
      - Older Renters Compete With Millennials
      - Rams’ Return to L.A. Has REALTORS® Scrambling
      - 2015 Healthy Year for Home Sales in Nation’s Capital
      - Nashville — Is It Overheating?
      - Don’t Overlook the Flood Insurance
      - Homes Built With Millennials’ Input

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      The Power of Teamwork

      We’re talking about how to ‘Build like a Pro!’ A special show all about buying new, building new, and ending up with a brand new place that no one has ever lived in before.

      We spoke with Kenny Parcell, REALTOR® in Utah, who jut finished building his own dream house. And Kenny told us that even though a builder might have their own sales staff…and even though you could just walk into a model home and buy it, you should always work – with a REALTOR®.

      So let’s wrap up this hour of today’s show by looking at that…why use a REALTOR® – if you’re buying new?

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      Taking it Outside!

      We’ve talked a lot about the differences between new homes, and existing homes. But right now we we want to take it outside…and talk about the landscaping. Because there are huge differences between new homes, and existing homes, when it comes to the piece of land that your house sits on.

      And when it comes to the landscaping, it’s not cheap. It can represent a major investment, in money and time. And both new and existing homes have pros and cons…so let’s take a look at those.

      Let’s start with existing homes.

      First, the pros: Places that were built many years ago have seen many growing seasons come and go. So the bushes are bigger, the lawns are more established, and the trees are often taller and fuller.

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      Segments For January 16th 2015

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        Top News Of The Week

        - Putting Higher Mortgage Rates in Perspective
        - President Obama’s State of the Union
        - Confidence Up Among American Consumers
        - Michigan Home Sellers May Get Refunds
        - Hot Home Sales in Frigid North Dakota Market
        - The prospect of more home choices is not one that thrills all buyers
        - 10 Most Affordable Markets for First-Time Buyers
        - Outlook for Homebuilders in 2016
        - North Texas Home Shortage Persists
        - Seeking Homeowners Insurance Reform in Florida
        - Tech Hubs Are Also Hubs of Competitive Homebuying
        - The Return of the Single Female Homebuyer
        - What if Your FICO Score Didn’t Matter?
        - Don’t Price Yourself Out of a Quick Sale

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        Can you Turn Your Home into an Investment?

        You know, here at Real Estate Today we believe in listening to people, and learning from them. The people who really know what they’re doing.

        Now here’s one example: Warren Buffett. One of the richest men in the world, who started by investing in real; estate. And we’re going to wrap up this hour of the show with one of his. famous quotes, and what it means to you. That quote is?

        “Never invest in a business you can’t understand.”

        Those are wise words for anyone, and especially for those of us who want to invest in real estate. You have to understand what you’re investing in.

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        Can You Cut It – as a Landlord?

        We’ve talked about all kinds of real estate investing. From residential, to multi-family, to office space and even retail. And most real estate investing has one thing in common. When you do it, you become a landlord.

        Somebody pays you rent. It can be a great way to generate income. In fact, for many people, real estate investments are their only income. Sound good?

        Well, it is. But, don’t go thinking you just kick back and watch the checks roll in – because being a landlord can be a lot of work. So let’s talk about it – and see what you think.

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