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Segments For March 18th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Fannie Mae Survey: Consumer Confidence in Housing At All-Time High
- Even Warren Buffett Had a Mortgage — Here’s Why
- Wells Fargo Aims to Boost Black Homeownership
- One Million U.S. Homeowners Gained Equity in 2016
- Drones Are Changing Real Estate
- Why Some Buyers Are Keeping Themselves on the Sideline
- Millennials Flocking to FHA
- Rising Rents Should Push More To Buy
- Outside the Box Does Not Equal ‘Risky’ Loans
- Gen X Recovering, New NAR Study Finds
- Why Owner-Occupied Homes Become Rentals
- Lowe’s Goes Virtual In DIY Tutoring
- Freddie Mac: Many Seniors May Be Unable to ‘Age in Place’
- The Decline of the McMansion

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The Open House

It’s an exciting time of year for real estate – as Spring begins – Monday!

And when it does, the for sale signs will be popping up like tulips on front yards all across America….the busiest market of the year – and here it comes.

It’s also, of course, the Spring Market 2017….an era in which digital, online communication is reshaping the real estate industry….from house hunting online, to emailing contracts, to applying for a mortgage on the internet so much has changed.

Which leads me to ask – in today’s connected world, is the good old open house – a dinosaur? An antique? A thing of the past?

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Getting Ready to Sell

Selling can be an exciting time…maybe even nerve-wracking! And even though in many markets, houses are selling within days of going on the market – remember. Your goal? Is the maximum profit in the minimum time. You Can’t really just put a for sale sign out front – and get top dollar.

So let’s talk about how to achieve that – maximum profit, minimum time.

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Segments For March 11th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Future of Fannie and Freddie, According to MBA
- Federal Cash-Sales Monitoring to Continue
- New NAR Model Finds Widening Affordability-Availability Gap
- Mortgage Pre-Payments Decline as Rates Rise
- Prices Continue to Soar, Despite Rising Mortgage Rates
- Home Affordability Dips to Eight-Year Low, But NAHB Optimistic
- Odds of Fed Rate Hike in March
- Fannie, Freddie Pour BIllions Back Into U.S. Treasury
- Mnuchin Says Housing Reform Effort Underway
- Where First-Time Buying is Easiest and Hardest
- Analysis Suggests MIP Cut is Appropriate
- NIMBY: Not Just For Homeowners Anymore
- Spring Arrives Early in L.A.
- Now Your Property Tax Appeal is Just a Few Clicks Away

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About October 15th

Back again! With our special ‘Tax Time!” All about you, your home and – all the deductions you can take when you file your income taxes this April.

Unless, or course – you don’t file this April. As in, just letting it slide….for maybe, what….six months?

Yep. It’s true. And, it’s something that many self-employed people know very, very well…..because many people who are self-employed, independent contractors, and basically, have income, but NOT a W-2….many of those people wait until October 15th….to file.

Is it legal?


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Payment Plans!

There’s just a little bit more than one month left now, before your Federal Income
Tax return is due. And as we mentioned a little earlier, the vast majority of Americans will file, between now and April 18th. That’s right – this year it’s not April 15th….the deadline is the 18th. So you have a few extra days.

Now, as we wrap up today show on taxes, I wanted to talk with you about – how you actually pay those taxes…and what to do if you get in a financial bind.

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Segments For March 4th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- NAR President Reaffirms Solid Support for MID, Other Tax Incentives
- Modified Loans Re-Default at Faster Rate
- California Off To Good Start in 2017
- Home Builders See Lumber Prices Surge
- Fed Chair: Rising Rates Won’t Stall Housing Recovery
- Goldman Sees Mortgage Rates At 5.5% By 2019
- New Homes Getting Cozier
- U.S. Becoming a Land of Landlords?
- Nonbank Mortgage Lenders Could Face Tough New Challenge
- Foreclosure Numbers Continue to Fall in December
- Jumbo Mortgages Stumble to End 2016
- How Strangers In Your Home May Help You Sell

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The Rise of the Surban

Our special show ‘Hot Trends’ is filled with cutting edge ideas about the American Home, and the neighborhoods they’re in.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about now….one of the biggest changes in the American experience – that’s been happening so slowly, and so subtly, you might not have noticed it….

A change that mixes the best of two worlds – urban – and suburban.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome – the ‘Surban.’

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The Bad Guys

We’re going to wrap up with a few words about an emerging trend in real estate – that is, well, somewhat regrettable.

And I’m talking about the bad guys.

Guys who want to hack your smart home, guys who want to cheaty the closing company, guys who want to steal your down payment…guys who try to do all of that – online.

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