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Segments For June 18th 2016

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    Top News Of The Week

    - Investor: Market Fundamentals ‘Look Good’
    - Big Cities Attracting the Younger and Wealthier
    - Election Has Many Homebuyers Nervous
    - Millions of Homes in Hurricane Danger
    - Sellers Bullish; Buyers Not So Much
    - Hawaii Follows National Trend, Except When it Doesn’t
    - Don’t Underestimate the Purchasing Power of a Single Woman
    - Booming Housing Market Threatens Farmland
    - Move-Up Sellers Are Hesitant
    - In ‘Rent-vs-Buy’ Tug of War, ‘Buy’ is Winning
    - America’s New Homes Keep Getting Bigger
    - Even Plain (and Dirty) Denver Homes Are Selling Fast
    - Appreciation Likely to Slow: CoreLogic
    - REALTORS® Suggest TRID Changes
    - The Smart Home as Game Changer

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    Volts! Not Horsepower!

    As you hear us say on the show quite often – there’s incredible value in maintenance. You’ve got to maintain your property inside and outside.

    And part of that maintenance process involves the yard. You have to make sure your yard is properly cared for in order to achieve the highest possible value in today’s market.

    So now that Summer’s here, we’ll all be going outside and mowing the lawn, trimming the weeds and using other outdoor power tools to get that landscaping in shape.

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    The RSPS Designation

    We’re going to wrap up with a quick talk about something that happens a lot in the summer – buying a second home.

    Whether that second home is a rental property, a retirement home, or a private getaway just for you – and the family, quite often people discover that second home on their summer vacation. And if that happens to you – you’ll want to talk to a REALTOR® with the expertise and experience to make that second home purchase happen as smoothly as possible. A REALTOR® who has studied to become an RSPS. A Resorts and Second Home Property Specialist.

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    Segments For June 11th 2016

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      Top News Of The Week

      - Most Promising Metro Areas for Millennial Homebuyers
      - Is The 3 Percent Down Mortgage Responsible Lending?
      - Supreme Court Sides With Landowners on Wetlands Development
      - Can Facebook Convince You to Buy a House?
      - Why Millennials Are Settling In — And Settling For — Suburbia
      - Best Month in Phoenix in a Decade
      - More Than Half of Chicago Homes Still Selling Below Asking Price
      - Virtual Reality Home Tours More Widely Available Soon”
      - Fed Interest Rate Hikes Likely, Yellen Says
      - Most States in ‘Stable’ Range in New Freddie Mac Report
      - Gender Gap: Single Men’s Home Values Up More Than Women’s
      - Mortgages Are Number Three! And That’s Great!
      - Home Prices Soaring Faster Than Inflation Rate
      - Why Builders Can’t Do More Starter Homes
      - New York Program to Fight Foreclosures Expands
      - Top Outdoor Home Features

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      The St. Joseph Approach

      Now – here’s a secret for you – something every real estate professional knows about. Something that makes them smile. Something that sounds pretty unconventional.

      But here we go. I’m talking about burying a statue of St. Joseph in your yard. That’s right – burying a statue of St Joseph….the patron saint of the family and household needs.

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      Segments For June 4th 2016

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        CPSC’s Outdoor Home Playground Safety Handbook

        Top News Of The Week

        - Many Millennials Still Live at Home
        - Wells Fargo Introduces 3% Down Mortgage
        - FHA May Be Open to More Condo Financing
        - Lending Still Too Tight, Analyst Says
        - Hot Suburban New York Market Proves Value of Location
        - Home Sellers Are Pulling Back. Here’s Why
        - Top Reasons Sellers Sell
        - First Family Chooses New Post-White House Home
        - Economist Downplays Fed Rate Hike Effect on Housing
        - Builders Say Government Regulations Block Starter Homes
        - The Next Big Thing Isn’t IN Your House; It’s On Top of It
        - REALTORS® Becoming Younger, More Diverse
        - The Gender Gap in Homeownership Sentiment
        - First-time Homebuyer Share Keeps Growing
        - Affordable Housing Proposal in San Francisco
        - Average Time to Close Suggests TRID Problems Over

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        Three Safety Strategies for Using a Portable Generator

        We’re going to wrap up with a few words about something many of us use, every summer – and that is? The portable generator.

        Sure, the summer heat generates thunderstorms, they sweep through your area. The lights start to flicker. And then – the power goes out. Happens all the time.

        Some folks just wait it out. But others head straight to the garage, and crank up their portable generator. I know I do.

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        Selling Your Home Safely

        We’ve talked a lot about how to keep your home free from hazards – so that you and everyone else can avoid accidents.

        But we’re going to wrap up the show with a quick talk about a different type of safety. And that is selling your house with safety in mind.

        When you put your house on the market, something happens that is so obvious, you might not even think about it. And that something is: every day, perfect strangers will come into your house and walk through every single room.

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        Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

        I wanted to share a simple idea – that can make the difference between making – or breaking the deal. And that is – to keep your eyes on the prize – at all times. The prize, of course, is a successful transaction, in which the seller sells, the buyer buys, and everyone walks away happy.

        Sometimes transactions go smoothly. I wish they all did! But sometimes they don’t. The buyer and seller might disagree on something big, or small. And if they really dig in…that one issue could become a deal-killer.

        It could be anything.

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