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Segments For September 17th 2016

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    Top News Of The Week

    - Bubble? What Bubble?
    - Fair Housing Group Accuses Bank of America of Discrimination
    - Airbnb Rentals Could Hurt Your Refinance Effort
    - FCC Limits Mortgage Collection Robocalls
    - Oakland Starting to Look More Attractive
    - Detroit’s Rebound Still Progressing
    - Million Dollar Homes Sluggish
    - Not Enough Appraisers; Closing Delays Rise
    - No Wedding Bells, No Home Purchase?
    - Construction Spending is Up, Thanks to Home Improvements
    - More Baby Boomers Buying Real Estate Overseas
    - Women Are Better Than Men at Paying Their Mortgages
    - Toll Brothers CEO Praises ‘Steady, Solid’ Market
    - Whipping The Most Neglected Room of the House Into Shape
    - Atlanta Suburb Brings New Home Signs Under Control
    - Where Millennials Have The Most Trouble Moving Out

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    Fall Maintenance

    We’re going to have a quick talk about something every homeowner needs to pay attention to – maintaining your home, as the weather turns colder.

    Now first of all, if you live in the warm weather states – congratulations! Because you probably don’t have too much to do…but even so, never hurts to think – about maintaining your home.

    Now if you live in an area where the weather does turn colder – your first maintenance strategy is making sure the cold weather stays out – and the warmth of the house – stays in! That means several things. For one, check your windows and your exterior doors – to make sure they seal up tight when they’re closed.

    If they don’t, you can either use caulk, or weathertight clear tape, to seal up those drafts. After all, when the heat inside leaks out – you’re wasting money on your utility bills.

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    Why Fall is a Favorite

    Why is fall – the favorite season of so many people?

    And i’m especially talking about people who are homeowners. Just go ahead and ask a few friends – chances are someone will say yes – fall is their favorite season of all.

    So let’s look at why that is.

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    Segments For September 10th 2016

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      Top News Of The Week

      - Why One Analyst is So Bullish on U.S. Housing
      - Fed Says Real Estate Loan Demand Surged in Second Quarter
      - New Homes Start Getting Modestly Smaller Again
      - Louisiana Flood Victims Get Help From NAR
      - The Fastest Growing Housing Markets
      - Wait, There’s WHAT In the Garden?
      - Freddie and Fannie Redesign Mortgage Application
      - Millennials Twice as Likely as Boomers to Get a Home Equity Loan
      - Delinquency Increases in July. Blame The Calendar
      - Affordability Still a Problem
      - Jump in Single­ Family Built for Rent Construction
      - Home Inspection Groups Merge
      - Drones Are About to Take Off as Home Sales Tool
      - Optimism Abounds in Latest Berkshire Hathaway Report
      - Has Someone Died in The House You’re About to Buy?
      - White House Price

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      The Three Gens

      You’ve heard me, and others say it again and again…..’Millennials are the biggest demographic group in America. But ­ that may surprise you, since it is a relatively new development.

      So I thought we should wrap up this hour of the show with a look at not only Millennials ­ but the other generations in America too. What the numbers are ­ and what they mean to real estate.

      OK starting with Millennials ­ they officially became the largest demographic group in America earlier this year. The Millennials were born between 1981 and 1997. And according to the US Census Bureau, there are now slightly more than 75 million members of the Millennial generation.

      So with those numbers ­ could they really change the face of real estate in America? Create a buying surge like never before? Well….yes. But it’s not happening yet.

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      In the Year 2046

      We’re going to wrap up today’s show about Millennials ­ with a look ahead.

      And I’m not talking next year, or the year after…I’m talking WAY ahead ­ 30 years from now. September, 2046.

      When the members of today’s Millennial Generation make the final mortgage payment ­ on the homes they bought way back in 2016.

      That will be a pretty great time in their lives.

      You see, since 1989, the median price of homes in the United States has gone up approximately 250%. That’s 250% in less that 30 years.

      And that includes the economic downturn, nearly a decade ago.

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      Segments For September 3rd 2016

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        Top News Of The Week

        - New Home Sales Spike in July
        - 2016 To Be Strong Year For Originations: Freddie Mac
        - HARP Extended Through Sept 2017; New Program in October
        - Arizona REALTOR® Brings Home a Bronze From Rio
        - Smart Technology Now Expected By Many Buyers
        - Why Has Aspen’s Luxury Market Fallen Off a Cliff?
        - Multi-Generational Living Is Becoming More Common
        - Hovnanian: Mortgage Rate Hike Won’t Slow Market
        - Custom Home Building Up Slightly in Q2
        - More Than One Third of Millennials Rely on FHA Loans
        - Silicon Valley Is ‘Looney Tunes’ According to One Broker
        - Americans Turn to Home Improvement in a Big Way

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        Where Is Smart Home Tech Heading?

        I thought we’d take a look ahead. I mean with so much Smart Home Technology out there – it’s fair to ask where is all this headed?

        Well the fact is, Smart Home Technology is big business…And it’s getting even bigger.

        The website marketsandmarkets reports that in 2015 Smart Home Technology was approximately a 47 billion dollar industry.

        And they also report that by the year 2022 just 6 years from now… the industry will have grown so much, Smart Home Tech will be A 122 billion dollar business.

        As it grows, Smart home Tech is headed in three main directions.

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        Do You Really Need a Smart Home?

        We’re going to wrap up with a question – Do you really need your home – to be a smart home? Or is your home just fine the way it is?

        Let’s take a look at that. And let’s look at some of the smart home devices we talked about today… and whether you really need them.

        Let’s start at your front door. Chances are, right now you have a regular deadbolt. And I would guess it works just fine. Take out the key, unlock it and go right inside. I bet your doorbell works fine too. Someone pushes the it, you hear the chimes, and you go to the front door to see who’s there.

        Okay let’s move inside now.

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