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- Invitation CEO Says People Will Buy — But For Now, Many Choose to Rent
- Carson Looks For Housing Finance ‘Specialist’ to Head FHA
- U.S. Inches Closer to ‘Normal’ Housing Market
- Barriers Holding Back Buyers
- Trump’s Wall Will Impact U.S. Housing Market
- Nashville’s Booming Hispanic Market
- Homeowners Fear Flood Control Effort Could Create Flooding
- Atlanta Is Awash in Available Housing Lots
- Traditional Housing Math Doesn’t Add Up For Millennials
- Four in Ten Markets Now at All-Time Price Highs
- Tax Refunds and Mortgage Delinquencies
- Do Homeowners Have Fewer Children?
- Utah Housing Market Said Hotter Than Ever
- Homeowners In Equity Limbo Hesitant to Sell
- What Consumers Will Do to Be Able to Buy a Home
- TGIF: The Most Popular Day For Closings

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Let’s talk about something very, very important…but something very, very few people really understand:

Your debt-to-income ratio.

The debt to income ratio? That’s about you! About how much you make every month. And, how much of that monthly income goes right back out…when you pay your credit cards, mortgage and other debts.

Having a good debt-to-income ratio is just as important when getting a mortgage, as having a good credit score, having a good income, and having a good amount of money in the bank.

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Getting pre-approved for a mortgage

We’re going to give you a few words about a truly essential part of the process of buying a home….getting pre-approved for a mortgage.

Now sure, if you’re buying a house all cash, never mind. But for those of us who buy homes with mortgages, pre-approval is really important to a successful transaction.

Being pre-approved for a mortgage can give you a crucial advantage as a buyer, because it assures the seller that you are ready and ABLE to purchase a home, and it sets you apart from other potential buyers who may be “just looking”. It’s also helpful for you as a buyer, because you’ll have a better idea of how much you can REALLY afford to spend on a home.

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Segments For February 18th 2017

Segments For February 11th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- What Federal Deregulation Would Mean For Housing
- High Demand, Low Supply Continue to Fuel Home Prices
- 2016 — The Two Trillion Dollar Year
- Mortgage Bankers See Interest Rates Under 5% Through 2017
- S&P 2017 Forecast is Bullish on Private Mortgage Insurers
- Water Affordability Crisis Looms
- Redfin Now In the Mortgage Business
- New Homes Selling Much Faster in Some Parts of U.S.
- Has the Homeownership Rate Bottomed Out?
- Northwest Arkansas Readies For a High-Demand 2017
- February: Best Month To Buy a Home?
- Proposed ‘Mansion Tax’ in NYC

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Do This!

We’re talking about improvements, or fix-ups, that can make this place you call home – better than ever. That’s a nice thing to do any time of year, but around Valentines – it’s even better!

So let’s look at 10 things you can do – to improve your home, and it’s value! This comes from Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report!

It’s an annual survey of real estate professionals, in which they report how much value home improvements cost, on average, and – how much of that amount the owner gets back – at the closing table!

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Don’t Do This!

Ever give a gift on Valentine’s Day that didn’t really cut it? Like, tulips instead of roses? Well, that’s too bad!

But – if you want to show your house some love – the same kind of thing can happen….if you invest in home improvements that don’t really bring you much of a return when you sell!

In out first our we talked about how improvements that DO provide a good return based on Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 cost Vs Value survey. Now? the other end of the spectrum…the nine home improvement projects that might be nice, but which don’t bring you back – too much.

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Segments For February 4th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- New Home Sales: Disappointing December, Impressive 2016
- Interest Rates Up, But Mortgage Apps Up, Too
- Why Reversing the FHA Insurance Premium Is Good News
- FHFA’s Price Index Continues Rise in November
- Reno Area Builders Not Building Enough Affordable Homes
- America’s Fastest-Gentrifying Cities
- New York Targets Reverse-Mortgage Protection
- Home Design Trends For 55+ Buyers
- What Cities Need To Do To Retain Their Millennials
- Labor Availability and Cost Present Challenges to Builders
- Fannie Mae on Potential Impact of Trump Economic Policy
- Foreclosure Numbers Continue to Shrink
- Illinois REALTORS® See Better 2017
- That Nearby Airport Is Killing Your Home’s Value
- Yes, U.S. Is World’s Most Affordable
- ‘Spite Garages’ Coming To An End in Alexandria, Virginia

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Our special show, ‘Homeownership.’ is all about this wonderful place – where you live, where you raise your kids, where you celebrate life, mend your sorrows, and build a bank of memories that will always be with you. That’s home.

It’s a wonderful thing. And so I thought that as we wrap up this hour of the show, we might put the money – aside for a minute. And talk about the other things that make your house a home.

You know, kids don’t think of their house any other way…it’s home. They don’t deal with the bills, or the mortgage, or the insurance on the place…instead, their home, along with their family and friends, becomes the center of their universe. It’s everything to them. And that’s true, whether it’s a little condo in the city, or a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, or a home on the range, surrounded by miles of open land.

Home – is everything to kids.

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No More Rent!

We’re going to wrap up with a few words for anyone who hopes to own a home someday – but who so far, hasn’t made that jump. Just a few words about how your life will change, when you stop renting, or stop living with your folks, and actually buy a home of your own.

Let’s start with your monthly expenses. When you rent place, you pay the landlord every month. Assuming you’re on a lease, that rent check stays the same for about one year. Then it usually increases. Fortune magazine predicted that in 2016, rents would rise around 8%….that would turn a thousand dollar monthly rent – into a one thousand eighty dollar monthly rent. Now this year may not be as bad as that – but in most areas, a 3 to 5% increase is expected in 2017. So if you keep on renting, you’ll need to budget for those rent increases.

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