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Segments For May 20th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

Housing Starts Dip in April; Builder Optimism Rises
Cut Regulations, Spur Housing Growth, Says One Banker
America’s Housing Market is ‘Normal.’ Sort of.
FHA-VA Default Rates Fall in First Quarter
Luxury Home Prices Have a Strong 2017 Start
First Time Buyers Are Rediscovering Renovating
Weak Credit May Cost You More For Homeowners Insurance
Jumbo Originations Down Sharply in First Quarter
Less Moving Help From Employers
More Homeowners Getting Out of ‘Underwater’ Situations
Strong Growth in New Homes Expected through 2019
When A Selling Price Astounds Even the Seller’s REALTOR®
Trees As Moneymakers

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The Gift Letter

We are talking a 360-degree look at Millennials!

What they’ll mean to real estate. What they’re looking for, how they’ll pay for it. In other words – how they roll!

And we’re going to take an in-depth look at a really important factor – generous parents!

Fact is, many young people get the down payment for their first home, from family members. Many Moms and Dads regard helping their children buy a house to be a joy! They’re happy to do it, as they propel their children into a life of home ownership.

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Who ELSE is out there?

You’ve heard me, and others say it again and again…..’Millennials are the biggest demographic group in America. But they are not the only demographic group of course. There are at least four others, and each one plays a role in real estate all across America.

So let’s wrap up with a look at all the other generations in America – and what they mean to real estate.

The Millennials – they officially became the largest demographic group in America last year. The Millennials were born between 1981 and 1997. And according to the US Census Bureau, there are now slightly more than 75 million members of the Millennial generation.

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Segments For May 13th 2017

Top News Of The Week

- No Worries About a Bubble
- HUD Nomination Winning Wide Praise
- Sellers See Big Gains in Q1
- Construction Spending Down in March After a Strong February
- Keeping the Hot Market in Perspective
- Homeownership Rate Appears to Stabilize
- Supreme Court Decision Produces Mixed Bag for Banks
- Distressed Sales Now at Lowest Level in Nearly 10 Years
- Carson Sees More Public-Private Partnerships
- Freddie Mac Posts $2.2 Billion Net Income in First Quarter
- Fannie Expands Help to Buyers With Student Debt
- Builders Identify Top Innovations
- Senator Aims to Keep ‘Bad Actors’ Out of NFIP
- Are Millennials Finally Leaving the Basement in Big Numbers?
- Colorado Kills Bill on Real Estate Fees, Commissions
- That Million Dollar View May Just About Cost That Much

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The Smart Yard

We’re going to look at one of the hottest trends in backyards all across America….smart home tech! That’s right….the explosion is smart home tech devices has gone right out the door….and the result? Is the smart yard!

I mean, after all, there’s no need to limit your efficiency, your economy and your fun….by only using smart home tech inside!

This new array of products that can help you take good care of the land your home sits on. Of the lawn your kids play on. And it will help you take great care of the plants all over the yard, from the vegetable garden to the great big oak tree.

And one of the biggest advances in the smart yard of 2017, is happening – with water!

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We’re going to revisit a topic we presented more than a year ago. And I’m talking about – fireflies.

Is that what you call them? Or do you call them lightning bugs?

Either way, what is more amazing for children…that to run around outside on a warm night, as the fireflies start lighting up? Some of our fondest memories as a child, may well be catching fireflies in a jar – and watching it light up again and again. By the way, apparently that’s OK to do…as long as you punch some holes in the lid, then let ‘em go before too long.

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, there are more than 2000 species of fireflies. The light? That’s what scientists call bioluminescence. It’s caused when oxygen combines with the unique chemicals within the fireflies ‘light’ organ…and its biological purpose, is to attract mates, to communicate danger and other reasons as well.

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Segments For May 6th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Mortgage Interest Deduction Survives Trump Tax Reform
- Home Prices Zoom in February
- More in US Expect Local Home Values to Rise
- Delays in VA Appraisals Forcing Some To Look Elsewhere
- Title Companies Want CFPB Action on Wire Fraud
- Cincinnati Sues ‘Predatory’ Seller of Foreclosed Homes
- The Exurbs Are Poised to Take Off
- MBA Makes Its Case for Housing Reform
- Mortgage Delinquencies Keep Falling
- Remodeling Market Indicators Strong
- Canadian Lumber Tariff: Job-Killer, or Paper Cut?
- Average Closing Times Still Falling
- A Spring That May Redefine ‘Seller’s Market’
- Big Baby Boomer Selloff Coming in Mid 2020s
- Housing Crisis Puts Reno’s Tech Boom in Jeopardy
- Bathroom Design Trends Buyers No Longer Want

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Closing Costs

We’re going to have a little talk about some OTHER money you’re going to need when you buy a house. Money on top – of the down payment.

I know, that’s not the best news. But we don’t want you to face any last minute surprises. Now obviously, your REALTOR® is the best person to discuss this with…they’ll know exactly what you’ll for where you live.

But, if you don’t have one yet, you might not know what I’m about to tell you….and that is, in addition to the down payment for a house, you’ll also need closing costs.

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The Summary Sheet!!!

We’re going to wrap up with a quick recap of what you’ll need – and how to get it. OK?

Now let’s start low, and build up.

First, if you qualify for a VA loan – they allow a zero down payment. If you are a veteran or an active duty service member, you need to know that.

And if you are buying a home in a rural area, ask your REALTOR® about the Department of Agriculture’s loan program. Yep. The USDA has a zero-down home loan program for people buying out in the country.

If neither of those programs work for you, then you will have to come up with some cash when you buy a house. But – you do not need a 20% down payment. You just don’t. If you are a qualified buyer, you can find a good, safe mortgage which requires as little as three percent down! And again, this is not some sub-prime, back alley mortgage – this is a high-quality home loan. So that’s a starting point.

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