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Danielle Hale is the Managing Director of Housing Research for THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Bette McTamney, REALTOR®

Bette McTamney is a REALTOR® and broker-manager at RE/MAX 440 in Skippack, Pennsylvania…and NAR’s Regional Vice President for Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.

Get REALTOR®! Mabel Guzman

A special segment on Real Estate Today, in which we give one REALTOR® – one minute – to answer one question! A question that can help you – get the best possible result, when you buy and sell properties.

Andi Axman, New Hampshire Home Magazine

Andi Axman is the Editor of New Hampshire Home magazine. A publication and web site – filled with high-end design, architecture and renovation ideas. New Hampshire Home is located in Manchester, and online at

Hannah Yeo, Benjamin Moore Paints

Hannah Yeo is a color and design expert at Benjamin Moore Paints. Benjamin Moore has been helping people transform their homes for more than 130 years! They’re one of the world’s biggest paint companies – with over 3500 colors available.

Before you Personalize that Yard – Wait a Year!

Right now we’re going to talk about the one part of a new home that the experts say – you should not change right away. In fact they say leave it alone for at least the first year. And that is? The yard.

Specifically, we’re talking about moving into older homes with established landscaping and gardens. When you buy a house like that, chances are the previous owners previously planted a whole variety of flowers, shrubs and trees all over the property. If it’s a really old house some of that gardening activity could date back a hundred years.

But when you move in, you can’t see everything that’s been planted. Instead you just see how the house looks now and what it looked like in the month or two since you first saw, it when you went house hunting.

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Greg Adamson, Prudential Utah Real Estate

Greg Adamson is with Prudential Utah Real Estate in Lehi, Utah. More than ten years ago, Greg recognized that sometimes, his neighbors needed help with their housing. Like the family whose home was overrun by mold – and they couldn’t afford the repairs. That time, and many more, Greg stepped in – and helped. His foundation, called Heart 2 Home, pulls together builders, contractors, architects, and more – to make homes safe, and sound – for families all across the state. For his efforts? REALTOR® Magazine Awarded Greg one of its its Good Neighbor Awards in 2009.


Jessica Lautz is The Managing Director of Survey Research and Communications at THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Smart Home Technology: Landline Telephones

We’re going to look at a really surprising development happening right now – in homes all across America – maybe your home, too!

Bette McTamney, REALTOR®

Bette McTamney is a REALTOR® with RE/MAx 440, in Skippack, PA…and NAR’s RVP for PA, NY and NJ!

Tom & Matt Embrescia, Second Generation

Tom and Matt Embrescia, run Second Generation – a Cleveland-based firm that’s always looking forward – to the future. At a conference in Florida, I spoke with the Embrescias about .REALTOR® – and what it means to buyers, sellers and everyone interested in real estate.

A House with a Den

We’d like to leave you with a few thoughts about a certain room in the house. A room that not many people talk about any more. A room that may be falling out of style, as time passes. That soon may be as rare as the parlor, or the butler’s pantry. I hope not, though, because there’s just something wonderful about – the den.

Fact is, some of our younger listeners might have – never seen – a den. So for them, here’s what they are.

The den is a small room. Maybe 12 by 12 or smaller, usually located on the main floor of the house. You’ll usually find a comfy sofa and maybe an easy chair in the den…perhaps a TV or a bookcase, and nice soft lighting. Now, because of its size, you’ll only find two or three people in the den at any given time. It’s just too small for a big crowd.

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