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Real Estate in the Military

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Danielle Hale is Managing Director of Housing Statistics at THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Joe Gladden, REALTOR®

We want to introduce you to a REALTOR® who first came on the show more than eight years ago – and we’ve been coming to him ever since, for his expertise in helping members of the military buy and sell homes. Joe Gladden, with VR-SAM, Veterans Realty Serving America’s Military, is located in Northern Virginia. Joe served 25 years in the Navy! So he knows all about what it’s like to serve your nation AND own a home at the same time.

Smart Home Technology Report – Uber

Recently On Real Estate Today, we reported on the impact that Uber and Lyft are having on real estate. New York Real Estate Agents say the ride-sharing services are encouraging people to look for homes farther away….because they know it’s easy getting to work, using Uber and Lyft.

John Bell, The Department of Veterans Affairs

John Bell is with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Wendy Rocca, REALTOR®

Wendy Rocca, REALTORS® with Keller Williams in Newton Center Massachusetts send care packages to deployed soldiers, all around the world. She and her husband John assembled a team of volunteers, and formed Operation American Soldier, which has sent thousands of boxes of food, books, toiletries and other essential supplies to men and women in the armed services. For their efforts, Wendy and John were honored with a 2010 Good Neighbor Award from REALTOR® Magazine.

One Way to Observe Memorial Day

Our special show “Real Estate in the Military’ is our way of observing memorial day, by looking at our nation’s active duty service members and our veterans, and the challenges they face in that very American pursuit, of homeownership.

And right now, we have a great way for you to say ‘thank you’ to our nation’s defenders.

Because there’s a program out there designed to help vets and active duty service members live in the best home possible. A home that’s safe, and sound. A home that will provide shelter, and safety and which will become the center of their lives, and the lives of their family members.

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Jane Dollinger, Real Estate Today

To get the word out, NAR recently produced a live webcast, on the down payment……and down payment assistance programs, hosted by our own Jane Dollinger. Jane joins us now with more on this important story.

Candice Skinner, REALTOR®

Candice Skinner is a REALTOR® and broker owner of Candice Skinner Real Estate in Leesville, and Deridder Louisiana. Candace is married to a soldier in the U.S. Army who served in Afghanistan. Candice Skinner is a 2012 recipient of REALTOR® Magazine’s 30-under-30 awards.…which recognizes the top young real estate professionals across America.

Real Knowledge! with Marianne Bornhoft

Marianne Bornhoft is a REALTOR® and Broker with Windermere Real Estate in Spokane, Washington. Marianne’s the past President of the Spokane Association of REALTORS®, and currently serves as a Director at THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Marianne has recently started working with a company called X-Craft, which is producing pocket-sized drones – which she believe could revolutionize real estate marketing!

Jamie Purviance, Weber Grills

Jamie Purviance is the Award-winning author of the Weber Grills cookbooks! Jamie’s latest book, ‘Weber’s Greatest Hits’ is a bestseller on Amazon – and we’re glad to have him back on the show.

Matt Adams, University Moving/North American Van Lines

Matt Adams is Regional Manager for University Moving/North American Van Lines (SE Michigan). Matt has been in the industry for 36 years. And he has been recognized as the American Movers and Storage Association Agent of the Year.

Are You Flying the American Flag Correctly?

You know, just the other day I was leaving the coffee shop when I passed a dry cleaners. And there in the from=nt window was a sign, that read ‘Free Flag Cleaning.’ And I thought – that is so nice, as we approach Memorial Day, and later, the Fourth of July.

Because of course, this weekend, as we honor the sacrifices made by our nation’s defenders, thousands of American flags are going to be flying high on homes and buildings all across the land. And maybe you intend to do the same thing – to show your patriotic spirit – by displaying the American Flag.

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