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Jill Schlesinger, CBS News

Jill Schlesinger is the award-winning business analyst for CBS news, and the host of the popular radio show and podcast – Jill on Money.

Stephen Antoni, REALTOR®

Stephen Antoni is a REALTOR® with Sotheby’s International Realty in Providence, Rhode Island. Stephen has worked with buyers and sellers for 20 years. He is a past president of the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS®, and is currently Stephen is also involved at the National Level, at NAR…

Get REALTOR® with Lauren Mitrick-Wood

Lauren Mitrick Wood is a REALTOR® with the Koenig Rubloff Realty Group at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Chicago. Lauren is the past President of the Chicago Chapter of the Women’s Council of REALTORS®, and was a 2010 Recipient of the prestigious 30 under 30 award, from REALTOR® Magazine.

Paul Pastelok, Accuweather

Paul Pastelok is Senior Meteorologist and Chief US Long Range Forecaster – at Accuweather.

Ashton Ritchie, Scotts-Miracle Grow

Ashton Ritchie is with Scotts-Miracle Grow. The nation’s leading lawn and garden care company.

Fall Maintenance

We’re going to have a quick talk about something every homeowner needs to pay attention to – maintaining your home, as the weather turns colder.

Now first of all, if you live in the warm weather states – congratulations! Because you probably don’t have too much to do…but even so, never hurts to think – about maintaining your home.

Now if you live in an area where the weather does turn colder – your first maintenance strategy is making sure the cold weather stays out – and the warmth of the house – stays in! That means several things. For one, check your windows and your exterior doors – to make sure they seal up tight when they’re closed.

If they don’t, you can either use caulk, or weathertight clear tape, to seal up those drafts. After all, when the heat inside leaks out – you’re wasting money on your utility bills.

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Paul Bishop is Vice President of Research at THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

JoAnne Poole, REALTOR®

JoAnne Poole is a REALTOR® and Branch Office Manager for Berkshire Hathaway Homesale Realty, specializing in single-family brokerage, in the Baltimore area. JoAnne has been working with buyers and sellers for more than 30 years.

JoAnne was President of the Maryland Association of REALTORS,® the Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORS®, and has served as a Vice President at THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Smart Home Technology Report: Grills

This week’s report is not really about technology – but it IS pretty smart. And it’s something many homeowners have wondered about over the years. And I’m talking about ditching those big, heavy, awkward propane tanks – you use for the gas grill.

Keith Gumbinger,

Keith Gumbinger is vice-president at, the nation’s leading provider for consumer finance and mortgage information.

Ashton Ritchie, Scotts-Miracle Grow

Ashton Ritchie is with Scotts-Miracle Grow. The nation’s leading lawn and garden care company.

Why Fall is a Favorite

Why is fall – the favorite season of so many people?

And i’m especially talking about people who are homeowners. Just go ahead and ask a few friends – chances are someone will say yes – fall is their favorite season of all.

So let’s look at why that is.

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