Five Things You Must Do After the House Is Sold

We’re going to close out by asking what now?

What’s the buyer gets the keys and the seller hopefully gets a profit check what’s the next step?

Well I know you’re both going to be really busy because there’s the big job of moving into the new house both the buyer and wherever the seller and it up going.

But that’s not all there are other things to think about as well and that’s what we’re going to end the show with today. the things you should always do as soon as the closing is done.

Number one, and we talked about this a few minutes ago. Change the locks. I know you just got a brand new set of keys for your brand new house but it’s always a good idea to change all the locks in the house before you actually move in. Because the former owners probably had a whole bunch of keys. And overtime they may have loaned them out too the house cleaner or the painter or the carpenter or the dog walker. Not to mention family and friends! So chances are there are some keys floating around out there that can get someone into your new house. be safe and change the locks.

That also goes for the garage door opener. find out what kind of car you have and what kind of remote you have for it. Then go online and see if you can figure out how to change the code for that garage door opener. You might have to call the manufacturer but again it’s a good idea to make sure only you could open your new garage.

Next up? You should always register with the United States Postal Service to make sure they have your new address. We looked into that one time and learn something interesting. and that is the responsibility is on you to get your own mail delivered to you. according to the Postal Service if you’re the one getting the mail you are the one who needs to register with the Postal Service to make sure they have your new address. There is no legal requirement 4 the person who now lives in your old house to forward the mail to you that’s your responsibility so make sure you register your new address with the post office.

You’ve probably already changed over the utilities into your name comma or if you sold the place you probably cancel the utilities as of the date of closing. but it’s not a bad idea to just run through that checklist one more time. you’ve got electricity comma natural gas or maybe heating oil, water and sewer, telephone, internet, or maybe satellite. If you’re moving in make sure they’re all in your name. If you’re moving out make sure they’re no longer in your name.

Another thing you always wanted to do when you move into a new house Is to register for the homestead tax exemption in your area. no they don’t offer them everywhere comma but it’s worth it to check to see if they have a homestead tax exemption in your area. The homestead tax exemption gives property owners and enormous break on their property taxes. Some people live in a house for years before they even realize it’s available. So check it out. Once again it’s called the homestead tax exemption.

Okay next up, you might want to check with your new community to find out about trash removal and recycling. Not sure you’ll be able to see what day they take the trash because all the neighbors will put their trash cans at the curb the night before. but you might want to find out how your community does recycling, and what kind of items they will take away on trash day. I’ve lived in some communities in which you could put virtually anything at the end of the driveway and the county would take it on trash day. Old appliances old lawn mowers you name it, they would take it. I’ve lived in other places where they would hardly take anything except white kitchen trash bags. So make sure you know before you try getting rid of that old microwave by kicking it to the curb.

Last on the list? Just a quick check of your insurance. If you just moved into a house chances are you’re already covered because you already got a homeowner’s policy. But you might want to call them back and see if you can bundle your automobile policy together with your homeowners policy. If they’re bundled you might get quite a discount on your insurance premiums. And while you’re at it you might want to check about an umbrella policy with a very high liability payment. That might cover you in ways you’d never expect and they’re usually not too expensive.

So again all of this is really important and we haven’t even gotten to moving in yet! By the way that’s what next week’s show is all about moving in but until then there’s just one more thing to do after the closing is finished, and the deal is done.

Celebrate exclamation point after all the hard work getting the house ready for sale you did it exclamation point and after all the weeks looking for houses you found one. great job and welcome home.

Celebrate! (both!)

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