High-Tech Homes

Homes across America are being outfitted with a whole range of exciting new technology these days.

With that being said, you might wonder whether we’ve finally arrived in Orbit City. You know who lives in Orbit City – right?

Yes, Orbit City is the home of the Jetsons – and their home of the future.

Now, sure, we STILL don’t have flying cars, or houses that look like the Seattle Space Needle, or Robots named Rosie.

But, here’s the fun part, we DO have access to a lot of new electronics that were once considered so far fetched, people doubted they’d ever REALLY happen. We can control our TVs, light switches, air conditioning even our bathtubs remotely, without ever having to physically flip a switch.

That’s why we call houses that are equipped with this technology “Smart Homes.” It’s the same reason we started calling iPhones and devices like that “Smart PHONES.”


They can do much more than we’re used to.

Kris Kaymanesh is president of a home automation company based in Virginia called Sights and Sounds Systems. He says this kind of stuff has been around for a while, especially in cars.

But NOW it is starting to become trendy in certain housing markets.

As Kaymanesh points out, these new and exciting products have been SLOWLY making their way into our houses.

You or your neighbors won’t necessarily have an entire Smart Home set up next week, but with the advancement of technology and the affordability of it, we DEFINITELY will see a boom of home automation in the near future.

And when it arrives, many experts believes that like many high-tech advances, the Smart Home Technology will start being incorporated into the high-end properties…and trickle down from there.

John Watts is an expert with the global home automation company AMX headquartered in Texas; John tells us there are different levels of smart home technology.

Some of them are hugely expensive, because they control entire household systems, like heating, cooling and electrical…and are all tied together through common hubs that can all be accessed remotely. Kind of like a whole-house stereo system, on steroids. Those types of systems can cost thousands of dollars.

But – on the other end of the price spectrum, we’re seeing more and more affordable smart technology. Stuff that might not control your whole house, and which might not be all connected together, but still…stuff that can operate a just a few things really well.

It’s all about options. And John tells us homeowners are seeing more smart technology options every year – in every price point.

Some of that stuff he’s talking about is very pricy. But you can see the direction we’re headed. This is cutting edge. It’s a whole new world for real estate thanks to this automation technology.

And before too long? John says you might live in a home that responds to your voice and does everything you tell it to do…from starting the wash, to lowering the shades, to setting the alarm. The smart home of the future – is nearly here.

Right now, one of the main obstacles preventing Smart Homes from growing broadly in the national housing market is the sheer number of options out there.

You have a lot of different companies, working at different speeds on different things. But they aren’t speaking the same language just yet. Because no one has developed a universal standard for smart homes.

For example, a light fixture from one company might not function properly when used with an automation device that comes from another. You can see the kind of challenges and expenses you might run in to if you’re building a Smart Home from the ground up.

The bottom line – this trendy new technology is just that – brand new. But it’s also red hot among builders, developers and high-tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Apple.

For homeowners like you and me? It’s just the beginning. But it’s moving fast.

Remember, if you look back, just 20 years ago – there was no such thing as “Google.”

So if you look ahead 20 years? It’s a pretty good bet that the smart technology in our homes, will make the Jetsons -

…seem like “the Flintstones.”

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