A Little Piece – of the Great Outdoors!

Welcome back to our special ‘Get Outside!’ All about enjoying that wonderful place you call home – from the outside.

On today’s show some of the nation’s top REALTORS® have told us that making the outside of the house just as beautiful as the inside, helps grow the value of your property. Two properties side-by-side…one with a great yard, one without. The former will sell faster and for more money, every time. It just makes sense.

And as we leave you today, we wanted to give you a few ideas about how to go beyond just – yard work. And go all the way to yard staging.

How do you stage – the yard? Well, if it sounds like something you don’t know how to do – think again. Many of us already do it, without giving it a second thought.

In the spring – we plant flowers, put up the hanging baskets and a few pots of colorful blooms on the porch. There you go. Staging!

It’s really effective, and really easy. So let’s talk about staging your property on the outside – beginning with the basics.

The first step is to get the yard trimmed, and neat as a pin. The lawn should be mowed, the walkways and the driveway neatly edged, and all the flower beds and shrubbery should have fresh mulch.

Just make the place look – perfect. OK? Now. Once everything is neat, and looking great…it’s time to ramp up the staging concept.

And that – is all about firing up a buyers’ imagination – by telling a story with visuals.

If there’s a play area out back, you might leave out some sports equipment. A soccer ball, a football, or even a pitching screen, with a baseball and glove nearby. That will show your buyers that yes, there’s room to play at this house.

On the deck, think about setting it up for a small party. A pitcher of lemonade, colorful plastic cups, a open cooler full of ice and drinks, and a whole lot of flowers. That communicates – that yes, there’s room to entertain at this house.

If you have lawn chairs, like big Adirondacks, or maybe a wooden swing made for two, think about taking a nice hardcover novel, and perhaps a pair of reading glasses…and set them on the arm. That will show your buyers that yes, there’s room to slow down at this house.

In each case, the buyers will see those little touches, and imagine how nice it would be to live here.

And there’s one more approach – that ties the outside and the inside together. And that is – creating a panorama. Make sure that when you’re inside the house – and you look out the windows, you see something wonderful.

For instance, when you’re looking out the kitchen window, you see that big Adirondack chair, with the book on its arm, sitting out on the fresh-cut lawn.

Or that when you look out the dining room window, you see the deck, all colorful, and ready for a party.

Try to create images – that are right there, front and center, when you look through every window in the house.

It’s what staging is all about. Making a connection. The buyer sees it – and likes it – and decides that they would like to live, in this place.

Just a few ideas for you. In hopes that when you go to sell your home, the buyers will love it on the inside – and love it even more – as soon as they ‘Get Outside!’

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