Smart Home Technology Report – Uber

Recently On Real Estate Today, we reported on the impact that Uber and Lyft are having on real estate. New York Real Estate Agents say the ride-sharing services are encouraging people to look for homes farther away….because they know it’s easy getting to work, using Uber and Lyft.

Smart Home Technology – Smart Devices

How the new voice recognition systems like Amazon Echo and Google Home – are making a huge difference in the lives of the elderly, and the disabled. We’re hearing about this more and more….that while for many people, voice recognition is just plain fun….for others, it represents an enormous leap forward in their ability to live more productive, and more independent lives.

Smart Home Technology Report! Cord Cutting

And today – a major cable TV company fights back – against the enormous wave of cord cutting. That wave is growing bigger all the time, as more Americans cancel their cable TV subscriptions….deciding instead, to just use high speed internet to stream their TV shows, movies and music.

Smart Home Technology Report! Floorplan Apps

But first….it’s time for our Smart Home Technology report! And today – as we talk about moving into a brand new place – let’s find out how technology can make it easier, and more efficient. And I’m talking about the new generation of furniture placement apps for your smartphone!

Smart Home Technology Report! The Recovery

And today – we talking about – the recovery. NOT the real estate recovery. And not the morning-after kind of recovery. We’re talking about the time it takes – for your hot water to go from stone cold – to red hot. You know what I’m talking about…say that one or two people take extra-long showers…and they use every single bit of the hot water in the tank! Now it’s your turn – but how long do you have to wait, before you have hot water too?

Smart Home Technology Report! Voice Recognition Systems

Today an update on both the Amazon Echo and the Google home Smart Home voice recognition systems, and how you can use them to listen to this program. I don’t want to take anything for granted, so I’m going to walk you through it step by step.

Smart Home Technology! The Outdoor Hue

Today we have an exciting new development in the field of smart lighting. As we all know smart Lighting systems are one of the most popular parts of smart home technology. Millions of people have filled their homes with internet connected light bulbs, that they can turn on and off from their smartphone, no matter where they are in the world.

Smart Home Technology! Apple HomePod

We’re continuing our look at the Apple HomePod, the newest contender for the title of Champion of the Smart Home Speakers!

Smart Home Technology – HomePod

And today – trouble in Paradise. We reported recently about the brand new entry in the red hot field of Smart Home voice recognition devices…as the Apple device known as the HomePod hit store shelves all across America…

Smart Home Technology, The Roomba

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology report!

And today we have a product review for you… All about inviting a robot into your own home. That’s right… a robot that helps you clean your house. I’m talking about the Roomba, from the company called iRobot.

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Smart Home Technology – Apple Home Pod

The voice recognition Market in the American home grows exponentially bigger…as the Amazon Echo, and the Google home, are joined by the Apple Home Pod.

Smart Home Technology – Cord-Cutting

We’re talking about cord-cutting and your budget. As we’ve reported here on Real Estate Today, the number of people cutting the cable TV cord is increasing dramatically. More and more Americans are ditching cable, and instead, going with fast internet, for their home entertainment.

Smart Home Technology Report! Voice Recognition Devices

Today, we’re talking about the battle of the voice recognition devices….as more of them offer full color, high definition screens!

Smart Home Technology Report! Amazon Echo

A special report for you if you received an Amazon Echo for Christmas. Or if you already have an echo. Or even if you think you might buy one in the coming year. Because the show you’re listening to right now real estate today, is now live on the Amazon Echo platform.

Smart Home Technology! Apple’s Home Pod

it’s time for our Smart Home Technology Report! From the company that brought us iPods, and iPads, comes Home Pod. That’s the name. And it looks really beautiful, like everything Apple makes.

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